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Crazy Women #4: Just friends!

    Every single woman in the universe thinks she has male friends who are, well, just friends. Wake up!

    Here's a quick refresher!

    And that's not the end of it!

    There can be friendship between "Women and men", the opposite is not true!

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    Previewing: Iron Man (2008)

    Honestly, I usually cringe when I hear the word Superhero movie. Because, even though I love them, most of the times I'm so disappointed to the point that I usually never see the movie again

    Tonight, that was not the case!

    This movie is hands down the BEST movie of 2008 (so far), and if you have a way to get to the first show at 12:01AM on the night before the release. THEN GO FOR IT!

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    No more collisions!


    Ever since I added the comment RSS capabilities to this blog, I've had a single persistent problem. Name collisions! There are at least 4 people named Khaled, 16 Mona, 25 Rasha, and 3000 Mohammads! So it's completely crazy to differentiate between different users based on name. I gave up on that long time ago. But didn't have a chance to think of a solution!

    The only unique thing appears to be the comment owner's email address. BUT there's a HUGE privacy issue there. I CAN'T expose people's emails. Not even for the tiniest of moments! Otherwise everyone will be spammed witless!

    ... So here's a little trick that saved the day!

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    Crazy women: #3 Listening

    Guys never listen!

    Not Listening

    Nope! Guys hear you but, they choose not to listen because ....

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    Qwaider Shield - Anti-Spam API

    After a year and a half of collecting spammer IP, I decided it's time to go public with this little database. Now, I can't run against my live data so I created a staging beta for the endeavor.

    Here's how it works. You can request to be added to the beta if you're interested. I will generate a key for your site. However, if you just want to test drive it a bit and see if you like it, here's a quick demo. Just bring your suspicious IPs and check them out

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    Spots and Poles

    This is yet another theory about men and women, and how they are different when it comes to relationship matters. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense to me

    Men are like Poles, and women are like spots!

    I understand, it's weird, but I'll explain it a more, and it will make so much sense!

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    Reviewing: Baby Mama (2008)

    Tina Fey, previously of Saturday night live, is officially the most beautiful woman to walk the face of this planet. At least in my book! This woman is screaming SMART, but also very hot. And I don't care if she had a T shaped uterus! She's damn hot!

    baby mama

    This is one, very funny movie, that I highly recommend for EVERYONE (but specifically Tinkerbella) to see. But I have to warn you, DO NOT watch this movie on a full stomach, or after drinking large amounts of liquids. Uncontrollable wetting of your pants might be side effects of hysterical laughter!

    Mommies, would be mommies should definitely go and enjoy these movie. Pick a matinee show so you can laugh as hysterical as you like.

    By the way, critics who bash this movie are most definitely single, geeky MEN!

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    The power of a promise!

    I don't think there's anything in this whole universe that packs more potential energy than a the simple promise!. It's mind boggling the lengths people go to on a simple promise! Some would go to the ends of the planet just on the hope of returning to someone who will fulfil that promise

    Things that people hold near and dear are no match for the power of the promise!

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    The youngest professor in the World!

    At the age of 18 and 362 days (ok 19), Alia Sabur is the youngest university professor in the world! But if that's not impressive enough, just check out the rest of her resume!

    Black belt in Tae Kwon Do (At the age of 9)
    Member of board of directors American Red Cross
    First Place Winner, Greenwich Village Orchestra, Concerto Competition, 2007. AND she played with a ROCK band!
    Started READING at 8 MONTHS OLD!
    BS In Applied Math at the age of 14 (the youngest female in American history)
    Earned her Masters and Phd before she was 19, and
    the youngest EVER to receive a fellowship from DoD, Nasa, GaaNN and NSF!

    To top ALL of that, she is hot! Not by Geek standards! Check her out while she's lecturing her students

    Alia Sabur
    Don't let the innocent look fool you, she's a Black belt!

    (The youngest professor record stood for 291 years held by Isaac Newton's student, Colin Maclaurin)

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    Research: We're -more likely- alone!

    For people optimistic that we will be finding aliens sometime soon, especially the bunch who have been witnessing an increasing number of UFO sightings, here's a disappointing blow to you.

    New math model, suggests it's very unlikely that there's anyone else in the universe!

    Gosh, I already feel lonely!

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