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Sorry, I'm just delinquent

    This is a confession that I have to make. I'm not deaf, I'm not blind. I'm just avoiding the whole Gaza issue. I feel bad about it, and I'm sure many people feel the same. I am not running away from the obligation, I'm being delinquent.

    What's going on is so painful, but life needs to go on. I'm sitting this one out. I have all confidence that many people will do a fantastic job, much better than me when it comes to the atrocities that are going on right now

    So, to my family in Gaza, I apologize for being delinquent.

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    From Scratch: Dawali (War2 3inab) rolled vine leaves

    Last week, I conquered my Everest, cooking Koosa. I got so many requests (and wishes) to actually try and conquer my "other" Everest. This time it's the much harder Dawali ...

    The best dawali I ever had in my life was done by my sister Samar. She has out done even our mother in stuffed grape leaves.

    Tonight, I've set the bar even higher as I made the best, and I mean THE BEST dawali I've EVER tasted in my whole life!


    And I'm not kidding, or exaggerating

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