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Generating profit from your blog, Ads experiment

    As you can see, I've engaged in an experiment to evaluate online advertising for blogs. Throughout my sites, you will notice ads that are there to help with this experiment

    Many have expressed interest in getting some revenue from Ads, and I decided that I am going to experiment with this so that I Can give authoritative answers

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    Why blog traffic is so important

    Many people argue that keeping up with your traffic add no value. Or makes no sense. Or isn't as important as the cause you are discussing. But many more would disagree with that! In fact, not a single Internet expert or consultant would dare utter something like "traffic is not important". It's the other way around. Traffic is very important

    That is of course if you're serious about blogging.

    If you've never been serious about blogging, stop reading right now and enjoy the rest of the day.

    But if you're like the millions who actually take this a little bit more seriously than the rest, then listen up, there is a bunch of very good information in this article and I'm going to try to simplify it as much as I can. So it's really not for the Internet Guru's (but if you happen to be a Guru, you can take a stab at this article and see if you disagree with the content)

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    Who wants to get yamlified?!

    Do you own a blog?

    Do you get Arabic users who can't type in Arabic but can type fluently in Arabizi?!

    Would you like your blog to get "Yamlified"? Yamli

    Drop me a note!

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    Shareef, Jordanian spinster, Part 2

    I got another email from Shareef, Apparently, he has more to say after his first letter 

    Dear Qwaider,

    Like it wasn't enough that I couldn't get married for the life of me due to all the insane prerequirements of the society. Going through this society made it even harder.

    It's not enough all the pain and suffering I have to endure, but the view of the society is so harsh on me that it's driving me insane. Many think I'm not married because I'm gay, or hate women. That alone was enough for me to lose job opportunities. The fact that people look at gays in that way is totally sad, but thats really a whole other issue.

    Some people wouldn't even allow me into their homes, thinking that I am "filthy" because I'm not married... But that's not the end of it..

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    Happy Easter, or is it Ashoura?!

    Warning, bloody video included

    That is real blood, those are real Flagellums (roman flogs), those are real nails and this is real crucifixion, and here's your shocker... this is 2008!

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    And now she remembers

    It's been almost a decade since I've last seen Lulu (not her real name), 10 years. Since I had to swallow my pride and my shame and walked away for the last time. I remember how much poetry I wrote and posted on the walls and corridors for her to completely ignore. I remember how I had to endure the eyes of so many as I tried and tried to get closer to "my angel" and failed, miserably

    Or so I thought....

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    Visiting the elderly

    The Action committee, which I am a member of, is a group of people joined together for a common goal, which is to help those in need.  


    Today the Action Committee visited an elderly home in Marj Al-7amam. Not just any elderly home, one where the residents had mental problems and disabilities. We decided to visit them since we heard that they are really neglected and are in need of some company. We had lunch with them, drank coffee, played games, danced with them, and we even sang together. It was so fulfilling to see the smiles on their faces. To see them happy and to know that you are a reason for that. It felt really good. I'll admit that at first it was painful seeing them in the state that they are in. It's really sad, especially since most of them are helpless. Some of them can't walk while others can't even feed themselves.


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    Turns out, Women can drive!

    It took Saudi Arabia around 60 years to realize that women could actually drive. I welcome this move with mixed emotions since such a move is long overdue.

    This is not the first time I write to criticize the practices of Saudi Arabia, although this is the first time that I am commending them on the move although it comes with a disappointing price tag

    Hat tip, Crossroads Arabia Via Ha Ana Za! ,

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    Shareef, the true Jordanian spinster

    After reading Salma on the Observer, Shreef decided that he as a guy has a lot to say

    Dear Qwaider,

    I am so sick of my life, no matter what I do, it's never good enough for this society. I'm a single man 40 year old, spent my whole life earning degrees, getting proper education and working to support my family in the face of wave after wave of price hikes and life essentials that no longer appear to be accessible to the ordinary law abiding citizen in this country.

    Being the eldest in my family I had to shoulder the responsibility of helping my younger siblings get through the overwhelming price of education. I helped them get on their feet and get married. To move on with their lives.

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    11 year old marriage!

    After reading this:

    Boy, 11, marries 10-year-old cousin 

    AN 11-year-old boy has married his 10-year-old cousin in the ultra-conservative Muslim kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Mohammed al-Rashidi and his unidentified cousin would seal the marriage they contracted under the sharia laws of Islam and move in together after a ceremony to take place later this year, Al-Shams newspaper reported today.

    "I am ready for this marriage. It will help me study better," Mohammed, who goes to primary school in the northern province of Hail, was quoted as saying by Al-Shams.

    "I invite all my classmates to do like me," the boy said.

    He wanted to "crown a love story through marriage".

    The boy's father, Muraizak al-Rashidi, told the newspaper he was busy sending out invitations for a celebration to seal the marriage.

    Dahim al-Jaber, the headmaster at Mohammed's school, said marriage at such a young age was "inappropriate" but wished the couple a happy life together.


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