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HM Queen Rania on YouTube

    That is true, from now till August 12th, Queen Rania will be taking on the world of misconception and will be carrying the royal flag into one of the toughest battles. The battle for the image of Arabs all over the world

    This is amazing, it's so wonderful to see a public figure take on the challenge and try to present the true image of the Arab culture to the world, and who better than HM Queen Rania? I can't think for a better representative in the whole Arab world. Moderate, charming and absolutely committed to the empowerment of the underprivileged and less fortunate.

    Via Khubbaizeh
    Youtube channel:

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    The three laws of Reform

    I decided to make my own 3 laws of self evaluation and reform. This might not be new, but I arrived to these on my own. So if someone else have come up with something similar kudos to them, but I have not copied these from anywhere

    Just like Newton's three universal laws of motionIsaac Asimov Three Laws of Robotics, I too decided to coin my three laws of Reform

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    The things we do in the name of love

    Today, another friend of mine showed up in veil. In a decision she apparently took to please her -almost- fiance.

    I was a little bit in disbelief as I know the kind of bubbly, easy going, outgoing, progressive personality that she had. She has argued in the past with people against the veil, and today she's proudly wearing it.

    I couldn't stop myself from asking her and trying to understand what happened. I'm not against Hijab in anyway, but I'm against people doing these things just to please others and not out of belief.

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    The ugliest girl

    The ugliest girl at school, landed the hottest dude in the whole school! Can you believe that!? But it didn't happen once, but THREE times to three different ugly ducklings.

    I don't know how or why these things are happening but it is real. I don't know if I can generalize it and say that ugly chicks always land the hottest guys!

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    110 and one phone call later

    Foud is  still detained. He's still imprisoned for his "blogging crime"


    One hundred and ten days, and all his family got was a single phone call.

    One hundred and ten days since Fouad's wife, and two kids have seen him

    Look at these faces, and tell them, your father is still not coming tonight kids...

    My god, that vidoe just tore my heart apart...

    It's time to stop the silenceStop it, Stop it now , Please stop it, it's been too long, Time to free the bird from the darkness

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    STOP-LOSS (2008)

    This is one heck of a movie! Probably not the last of it's kind. But this movie will usher in the beginning of the end for the Iraqi occupation

    Despite the fact that I resisted the urge to stand up, shout BULLSHIT at the screen at times, the story is very engaging, fast paced and very dramatic.

    Watching a mainstream movie where the main character who is a decorated war hero in the United states Army shouting "F(bleep) the President" [But rest assured, it wasn't censored int eh movie]. Was worth it.

    8/10 on the Qwaider Scale

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    Fitna فتنة: The true face of Fitna

    Geert Wilders the notorious dutch right-wing controversy (and attention) seeker have released to the web "Fitna" the movie about Quran after all the broadcasting organizations in the Nietherlands have decided not to run it.

    Prime minister and the cabinet found it very offensive and can't be shown even censored. Wilders have released it before to the web, but this time I will probably not be taken down

    The movie if it can be considered a movie is childish at best. It's really offensive and I will not be posting a link to it

    The movie fails to capture the artistic level of the movie that killed Theo Van Gogh under the name "Submission"

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    Here's a piece of Qwaiderization for you...

    NEVER trust a pretty woman who picks a sudden interest in you... You will be SORRY!

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    Mocking Arab newspapers, AGAIN!

    Less than a year ago, the joke of Welcome to Google TiSP, and the sad appearance in countless publications as BREAK THROUGH science and amazing wonderful new technology. It turned out to be a hoax and the Saudi newspaper was shamed for their blind translation of nothing more than an April's fools joke from Google

    This time, it's Elaph, And Albayan newspaper from Emirates. Talking about another amazing technology. GenpetTM


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    The Shortest Tag: What is thy purpose!?

    This is going to be the shortest tag in a very long while, here are the rules

    1) Include a link to the person who tagged you.

    2) Answer this question: "What is the purpose of your blog" (yes in bold-italics)

    3) Tag 5 of people you know.

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