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ليش طلّقتوني؟

    قصتنا هاي المرة حقيقية .. من صميم الواقع، من مخلفات المجتمع القبيح، و الأهالي الطمّاعين .. و العرائس، معدومات الشخصية

    الا يكفي انها استجابت لزيارات عرسان الغفلة ليستعرضوها و يعاينوها كأي قطعة اثاث سيدفع فيها العريس "شيء و شويّات" لكن بعد ان وصلها نصيبها، و وافقت على ابن الحلال! الم يئن الأوان لتركها تكمل مشوار حياتها بدون تدخل؟ و بدون تنغيص.. و بدون.. "اعملي" "لا تعملي" "اطلبي منه" "اوعك تردي عليه".. و بقية التدخلات التي لها اوّل و ليس لها آخر

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    Why do they revert!?

    Over the years I've been witnessing the evolution, and devolution to some of the friends and colleges around me. Especially the ones who descend from middle eastern origins. They come here, and right from the first moment they set foot out of the plane, the denounce anything that has to do with their heritage, their culture, their religion and anything backward that might be clinging on to them from back home!

    They're new, Liberal, completely free people. In the land of the free. This is the best time of their lives and they're going to take advantage of it every way they can ..

    And the partying begins, the nightclubs, the one night stands, the girl friends, the drinking, the drugs, the extravagant night life of alley cats.

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    Microsoft goes open-source, well kinda

    Breaking news, Microsoft have finally budged in under the massive pressure of the EU. Microsoft has vowed to become kinder, gentler and more open. Focusing on interoperability and openness!

    Hence forth, the Windows, Office, SQL, Exchange and Sharepoint (and future versions of these products) will have open API, and commitment to portability and will be accessible to developers without requiring a license or a fee.

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    Say good-bye to blackheads!

    I'm sure you've all tried the numerous ways to get rid of blackheads, but the truth is, they never really work. I personally hate them. The good news is I found a solution to blackheads. Believe it or not, here it is:


    1 egg yolk
    1 teaspoon of starch
    half a lemon

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    How Microsoft stole my dream!

    Yes, I'm pissed off! The goons in Redmond stole my dream AGAIN! Goddamn it!

    If you know me, you will know that I'm a gadget freak. Step into my car and you have, Voice activated hands free calls. Internet radio streaming over bluetooth [and here] to the head unit. Voice activated Email reader, voice activated song finder, USB Flash drive player, ipod hookup...etc  and more recently full CarPuter PC right at my finger tips!

    I've had these for years now, and then came Microsoft!

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    My promised post about Math...

    Yes, I know, Math is boring for so many people, but what everyone needs to know is that without Math we wouldn't have anything.

    Since this is a blog, and not an academic research facility, I decided to make this more fun, and more illustrated.. There's nothing better than Donald in Mathmagic to get you intrigued.

    So if you like Music, Art, design and games? or just about anything, this is a must see

    here's Part1

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    Cracking the nut on Marriage

    I'm convinced that I can do to marriage what I previously done to relationships consider this General marriage theory, I think I found the correct formula to crack the whole thing up and make it simpler

    Having a scientific mindset, I'm convinced that there is a formula to this thing, there's a scientific way to quantify everything that is going on. It defies logic at times but there has to be way to explain this logically.

    And I cracked it! (gulp)... I hope

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    Sexy bodies!

    Someone forwarded me an interesting clip of a chick dancing with barely any cloths on while looking at her self in the mirror. It was interesting to see what happened to her next, but that's not the light bulb that went on my head. What I saw was a lady admiring the way she looks in the mirror.

    I have to admit, that I as a male, find the female body fascinating in so many ways. I feel the interest, the attraction, the gravity and how it looks sexy. But I never thought that women feel exactly the same way about their own bodies. It's like the look of the lady's own body turns them on!

    Or am I generalizing again?

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    Saltyyeh showing their real colors!


    I just want to take a moment, to appreciate the Amazing patriotic folks in Salt!

    The minute they heard about "Blog about Jordan day" they started showing up with numbers and in great solidarity on the facebook group created specifically for Blog about Jordan day

    الله حيهم السلطية ..

    بمجرد سماع الشباب في السلط بيوم التدوين عن الأردن. وإذ بالشباب يتجمّعون و ينضمّون الى جروب "يوم التدوين عن الأردن" على الفيس بوك. و الله شيء مشرّف و يرفع الراس.. 

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    Same choices?

    I look back upon so many choices I've taken in my life and sometimes I wonder if I would go back in time, knowing what I know now. Would I make those same choices again!?

    I wouldn't make many of them. But why do people insist on repeating the the same mistakes over and over!?

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