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Qwaider reveals all on Casual PR

    Check out my Casual PR interview where I reveal all ... With real sexy images to keep you excited

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    Excellence, in customer service

    I am in shock and awe for the amount of excellent customer service I've been enjoying for the past week or so. Two incidents happened to me that reminded me how HORRIBLE the customer service is from business in Jordan, with the exception of "Ghazal for electronics" my favorite computer shop in Jordan (which is no longer there for some reason). My experience with the customer service has been so horrible in Jordan and the size of the corporation made absolutely no difference to the quality of the service!

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    80 Days, still no word

    The counter keeps rising, and freedom keeps plummeting


    Eighty days, of oppression, of arrest without warrant, of no trial, of violation to human rights, of violation of humanity.

    Eighty days since Fouad's wife, and two kids have seen him

    Look at these faces, and tell them, your father is still not coming tonight kids...

    The cruelty of humans, never seizes to disgust me!

    It's time to stop the silenceStop it, Sop it now , Please stop it

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    Barely legal

    I know it's so cliche. How Americans practically "throw" their kids out once their 18. Some say to help them learn Independence. Others say because they're fed-up with them and others think. Or the parents look for their own Independence. While others think this whole thing is rubbish. It's all lies and no one does that.

    Last night, I discovered that. 1) It's not rubbish. 2) Not all people do it, but many do, and 3) The results are catastrophic to say the least! (in my view)

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    From Scratch: Kousa Ma7shi (Stuffed Zucchini)

    Yes, you heard it right! Qwaider has conquered his cooking Everest.... Behold... Kousa Ma7shi from scratch!

    Kousa Ma7shi

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    Unknowing people

    Remember what I said about the little love switch? That magical switch that you flip on to love people flip off to hate them. Flip on to accept just about anything from them. Or flip off to stop accepting anything even the slightest of jokes?

    How I wish I could have a similar switch for unknowing people. Click, poof, they're no longer there.

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    Missing .....

    Warmth ....

     Amman sunset

    The other face of Amman

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    Three words with, HM Queen Rania

    Play FM has this Amazing Project, and I just absolutely love it..

    Check out the awesome footage in this video feature, the one and only, Her Majesty Queen Rania herself


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    Spectator parenting

    I read a very interesting article by Rania Kudsi, a new blogger questioning some are automatically believing that fathers should never take any part in raising their kids. How these parents barely care for their young or help around the house. It brought back to me wonderful memories of how my own parents used to cooperate to make this life work. How they helped each other, and almost fifty years later. They're still helping each other.

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    Why aggregators are better than your reader

    Aggregators are by far way more fun than your reader. This is three in one post!

    Here's why:

    1. People actually submit new blogs to them
    2. There's always something new
    3. There is someone (other than you) working on them
    4. They bring blog owners more hits
    5. They help blog owners know where and how they are getting hits
    6. they help blog owners cater for their readers more
    7. They promote blogs, increasing their presence on the Internet
    8. They connect people
    9. They increase the value of blogs by providing more links going into the blogs
    10. they usually have other features like search that allows you to get to what you need quickly
    11. They have a longer history
    12. They are up to date on feeds, and blog owners, and possibly where they have moved their blogs

    But that's not all ...

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