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Traffic laws, accidents, media and the average Jordanian

    If you follow the Jordanian media for the past few weeks you will notice a trend. Conditions of the traffic, issues with the traffic, and the new traffic law that appears to be applying almost too harsh penalties on violations. Yet, no body is mentioning a number of more relevant issues that are being passed under the tables like the fuel hikes and the horrible condition of the actual roads and paved spaces in Jordan

    Few questions should be on the mind of the average Jordanian, and puzzles me personally! From the death of one to the many there are clues in this picture and I'm only questioning them

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    Surviving global catastrophes

    350 million years ago, a massive extinction wiped out the face of this planet of 95% of all it's life. 65 million years ago another massive extinction wiped out the largest animals to roam the face of this plant. Scientist predict all soft of possible apocalyptic visions from global warming, to fossil oil depletion, to a massive meteors or comets hitting earth. To Artificial intelligence taking over the world and pushing humanity towards extinction. That's all of course if humans don't wipe out everything in a world war 4 or some super bug that we develop in our own labs. In these apocalyptic visions of the world, one idea keeps resonating

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    An indecent proposal!

    What I am about to say, is the truth. The whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me god!

    This happened to me yesterday!

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    If I were a woman!

    If I were a woman, a Free woman, not the kind that slumbers around the beauty saloons and has air blowing through the wind tunnel between their ears ... I would ....

    Updated: Apparently, MANY think that I mean ALL women are airheads! Try not to get stuck on that, because I never meant ALL women

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    More exclusive features - not on wordpress!

    Not even the majestic wordpress has this cool new and exclusive feature that I provide to my beloved readers.

    my comments

    Introducing the new, and exclusive "View MY Comments", but that's not all...

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    Battle for the worst!

    Just as Untraceable and Rambo will be fighting to dominate the box offices this weekend. There will be a different kind of battle raging between two HORRIBLE movies! If you read NOTHING that I write, read this review. I'm doing an AMAZING service

    meet the spartans   how she move
    Meet the Spartans...   vs   ...How she move

    If you have absolutely nothing better to do than committing suicide or watching these two, I would encourage you to commit suicide and not watch these two!

    Meet the Spartans
    3/10 on the Qwaider scale, you you will crack some chuckles here and there. But it's too stupid!

    How She move
    2/10 on the Qwaider scale, there's nothing there to talk about, bad plat, bad acting but oh some good meaningless "Step" shots! and if bootee is your thing, then there's a lot of bootee in here

    Both open Jan 25th

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    Oh my god, what a fantastic post!

    Judging by the number of comments and types of comments I sometimes get so so surprised and puzzled to the reader's response to a subject. Not that it's too weird, but because it doesn't even match what the writer is advocating.

    Somehow commenting appears to have many dimensions. More than meets the eyes!

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    The Qassam issue!

    There are people on both sides saying that Qassam rocket attacks are the reason for all what is going on. There are also people on both sides saying that these rocket attacks are really not the root of the issue. However, ONLY the Jordanian crowds seem to be completely adamant that Qassam rockets are the reasons for everything. I've heard it in the official statements, I've read it between the lines. On many occasions I've seen it quite clearly.

    Qassam rocket launch

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    Previewing: RAMBO (2008)

    It's been exactly 20 years since the last RAMBO movie rocked the silver screen! Back then the soviets were losing the war in Afghanistan against the Mujaheddin backed by the American CIA.

    Rambo became synonymous with the one man Army known as John Rambo (Stallone) the whole series was brutal, technically considered landmark in the level of sophisticated pyrotechnical abilities and stunning in the level of destruction that one movie can have. Spawning a whole generation of other one man army movies like Commando. But it was John Rambo from the novel "First Blood" that sparked the whole thing

    Rambo Poster back  John Rambo front

    First Blood, had also a sociological dimension, it displayed, however briefly and on the side, the problems associated with veterans going home, the social acclimation they have to go through and the strain they subject the society to and the unkind reciprocity from the society to veterans going home

    I'm glad to say, that this movie remained true to one thing in particular, it's entertainment value. It is larger, spectacular epic level fully fledged action movie that delivers it where it's needed the most. Top notch non-stop action that will leave you in awe at what you're seeing. An amazing new landmark Actor, writer, co-screenwriter, producer and star Sylvester Stallone

    9.0/10 on the Qwaider scale

    This is no chick flick! Yet, it packs so much human side that even chicks will be shaken to the core by it

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    The worst Jordanian attribute!!

    Jordanians are distinguished with MANY good, and bad traits. Like for example, Jordanians have the BEST frown (kashra) on the face of the planet. No one can even come close to our frown. But there are a bunch of things that are just so negative and you see it just about ANYWHERE you go in Jordan. Our worst attribute

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