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Single people and Taxes!

    I FMNL hate Taxes! And who doesn't? Ever since I arrived in the good US of A and uncle Sam has been taking a huge chunk of my paycheck to finance all their goddamn wars. Well, I finally received my2007 W2's (These are the little slips that show how much you made, how much you paid taxes ...etc) And you know what, and it's ugly! I paid the yearly salary of 3 well paid employees in Jordan, just in goddamn taxes!

    Single people get hit the worst with Taxes. Luckily, I made one heck of a great choice. The only choice for single people....

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    Blink of an eye

    If you compress the whole age of planet earth, (4 billion years) into a 24 hour day. The whole human history, everything humans ever did in the last 10 thousand years, all the wars, the rise and fall of great civilizations the entire human heritage would account for half a second of that 24 hour day!

    That's as much time it takes you to blink your eyes!

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    Congratulations to new Tooters

    The numbers are in and the blogs are on. Congratulations to all the fantastic blogs that have been added to, (Click here for a full list)

    This is such a great opportunity to all the amazing blogs, that have been featured for years on Qwaider Planet, and Jordan Blogs. They are talent bloggers that deserve recognition and I'm so proud to say that I never doubted their talent from the first day that Qwaider planet started a year and a half ago

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    Hawks and doves

    I'm going to borrow from the political terms here and project the same ideas socially since I see these two patterns repeat over and over. I guess it's worth writing about.

    This is an attempt from me to understand the diabolical complicated female brain as it fascinates me in the level of complication, despite the scientific fact that it's smaller than the male's brain. But we all know, size doesn't always matter.

    Ladies appear fall into two major but very distinct groups. The doves, and the hawks. (There's a third for the ducklings and a forth for the vultures, but I'll talk about them later)

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    10 things every [new] blogger should avoid!

    Every new blogger I see, (and I've seen hundreds) seem to always fall int he same mistakes, therefore, I decided to create this quick and dirty guys of Top 10 things not to do on your blog

    I'm not concerned with actual content of the posts or the way people write. What I am interested in is technical aspect of things and this time, without being too technical about it

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    In the grand scheme of things

    Well, this is a very convoluted post I have to admit, and very few people will get it. I don't mean to be arrogant or anything, but this is one of those posts that will require every single digit on your IQ scale to get it. So consider it for "Smart people only"

    Have you ever contemplated why something happened to you? Like for example, somebody giving you a birthday present. It's nice, it's pretty, it's a way to get on your good side. Who wouldn't accept a gift as a token of good faith. Even if that is really not the underlying reason.

    One similar occasion is wining an award for your "achievement" when you deep inside know you don't really deserve it. But you shut up anyway and accept it with all open arms. Not only that you toot your horn that you have won.

    Did it ever occur to you that your win wasn't really a win and you have been carried to that position ONLY as a means to deliver a message to someone else?

    I'm glad there are people who don't believe in the "Simplest explanation must be the most accurate" theory, since time and time again, it has proven it's failure in just about everything. Yet, for the 95% of the simpletons in this world. Enjoy the shortcut!

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    When the double D speaks!

    Everyone else shuts up!

    This is a funny "argument" I had with a friend who was upset about guys drooling over a lady that passed by the office. A third friend was entertaining the guest while my friend was expressing how she found the guys to be Rkhas (loosely translated to Cheap, sell out, betrayers). She was surprised to see some of her best friends, and even family members getting so influenced by a chick passing by!

    But not all chicks are created equal!

    The names and places have been altered to protect the innocent! Especially from the evil menace called DINA

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    Crying your eyes out!

    Certain things I can't explain, 

    why do we at the heat of the moment, raise our shields, and act just like we don't care or don't feel a thing. The minute we are alone and no body is watching our tears start to uncontrollably rain!

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    50 days!

    It's been 50 days!


    Is this injustice EVER going to end!? When are we all going to stop the silence?

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    How come...?

    How come I can eat a sandwich, talk on the cell phone, drink coffee AND look at my PC from time to time while I'm driving in the US

    And not be able to do any of that in Jordan? Not due to lack to trying. But it's a physical impossibility!

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