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Another garbage victim!

    Going over the Jordanian news Ammon(Arabic),Addustour,and alrai , and I find my self not very surprised that history has repeated it self. Another baby, found almost dead in the dumpster, all I could think of is, how can any person leave their child turning blue of the cold and leave them like that!? Or did they think that abandoning them close to Abdoun they will ensure a better future for them!?

    It does mean that we have one less [dis]honor crime. But it also means that we have a bigger issue!

    Abandoned abdoun baby Abandoned baby 2
    Just look at this innocent baby!
    What has he done to be welcomed to this world with being abandoned like the trash!?
    الأسم ... طفل لقيط
    The little name tag that sent shivers up my spine!

    UPDATE: The parents of the baby girl have been found (as Predicted by Firas)

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    You're not even a man!

    Before I start, I would like to apologize for my non-Arab friends, this idea is not my own.

    As I was talking to a friend of mine, who indicated to me that -to her- men have to be Arab. Otherwise, she feels nothing. She feels no shyness or any feminine feelings towards any guy unless he's Arab.

    I wasn't really shocked of this since many families raise their daughters in a way that makes it clear that a non-Arab is out of the question! Period!

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    ثلج... و نار

    لكل فصل جمال خاص فيه.. فصل الخريف..


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    Amazingly cute!

    This toddler is amazing! If you're an American Teenager and this girl beats you .. It's time to pick up some books and brush up on your geography!

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    Two comebacks today,

    First, Amino decided to come back, With The Bohemian Jar

    Next, The Black Iris of Jordan, which has been down for 11 days now, is officially back and open for business, make sure you check it out as well

    lets welcome them back with ....

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    We all fall down!

     Alright, we all fall down at time. And I feel guilty for posting this here and laughing so hard while watching it!

    Why do we laugh when we see someone tripping and falling?

    And one more classic below

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