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What I love about Amman, and what I seriously despise!

    So, I went to this place, stayed for few hours, and on my way out I find this dude standing next to my car. He cheers up to see me, so I don't get feeling all weird and he asks me "Qwaider, how are you?". "I'm fine, good" I hesitate. So he proceeds to introduce himself, "I'm so and so your neighbour" I was thinking, hmmm, "Ahlan, are you So and so's brother?" He replies yes, so I reply. "You were very young when I left Jordan, you've grown and became a man".

    We both laugh, few awkward moments pass by and he is like. "Your right front tire is flat". I was like "oh thanks, did you just notice that?", and he replied "No, I saw it four hours ago", "And I decided to warn you"

    He's been waiting 4 hours outside of the place I was in and he recognized my RENTED car!! I was really grateful! He even started helping me change the tire

    Then he said, "I always wanted to grow up to be like you"!

    That almost made me cry!

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    What exactly is Hijab to you?

    I'm not Anti-Hijab or Anti-Hijabi or anything. But I really find it weird that some ladies are so keen on wearing it, while they live up to nothing that it represents. For example, a Hijabi lady shouldn't be using profanity in her language. Another example would be that the hijabi lady shouldn't be making out in the back seats of cars, in public. Oh did I mention they made sure the headscarf stays in place

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    Jordanian woman can't drive!

    I'm not trying to be sexist, or racist, or sexoracist, but seriously, female drivers in Jordan SUCK! The attitude ALONE is enough to get anyone in trouble. Their driving skills, OH MY GOD!

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    ما أُخِذَ بسيف الحياء .. فهو حرام

     ان لم تستحي، فاصنع ما شئت!

    كلمات عظيمة .. ان دلّت على شيء فهي دلالة على عظم قدر الحياء عند العرب و المسلمين، ففي الأسلام، الحياء احدى شعب الإيمان وهو فعل و خلقٌ محمود. لا يودي بصاحبة الا الى الخير... الاّ في عمّان!

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    Collecting enemies

    Hani Obaid asked a very intriguing question that got me to think. How did I manage to collect so many enemies? It's quite intriguing for me to actually go through the mental notions of trying to comprehend it.

    On many occasions, I find that it's people who fake being open minded and the ability to coexist with others while deep inside they're nothing but little kids with toys. And someone (which happens to be me) called their toy ugly. It doesn't matter how you interpret that, it's always the same, it's really snobby people thinking they're the social elite and detest the notion that someone else might actually be right.

    So I argue with stupidity, you can sue me for that, I won't stop, I won't go anywhere, I don't seek to please the few. For all I care they're not even worth my time, but I do it anyway

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    يوجد سعاد - مع خدمة التوصيل


    Since I call just about anyone So3ad or Sa3eed :) I personally enjoyed this one

    Remember that we lovers - فرق كبير

    LOL ...

    This is a funny one, straight from the streets of Amman

    Remember that we lovers

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    'when doing the right thing is so wrong!

    OH My GOD! I almost caused someone's death! I'm so shaking right now. Every time I rewind the tape in my mind I feel so bad for the whole thing. I blame it all my soft skills I got in the USA

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    Becoming your worst nightmare!

    Many years ago, I used to know someone. The girlfriend of a friend. She was radiant, smart, focused and had a plan. She was completely bent on success at all costs, Sacrificing love, time, emotions and even life for her goals of striking riches. The good news is that she did make it. Not on her own of course, she got married to a rich old geezer (no seriously, he's more than twice her age, and she's in her late twenties)

    bun in the oven
    Bun in the oven

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    Disgusting animal behavior!

    Probably the most distinguishing feature between humans and animals is humans ability to curb their instincts and desires. Forming them in a combination of laws, traditions and guidelines. We are brought up like that. We understand it. Societies to different degrees abide by these unwritten laws. For example, in the west it's common for couple of people to make out in a Nightclub or a bar, sometimes in a park. Mostly influenced by the effect of booze, or the heat of the moment. (I'm specifically talking about the public part since otherwise it's none of my business.

    In the middle eastern cultures, it's not acceptable to do the above, in fact, there are many societies that mandate a complete no touch policy. Of course people still touch, and I honestly believe it's none of my business

    And then, you have some people who appear like alleycats cats in heat!

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