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Good bye Amman

    I will miss you so much... I never have enough of you. Ever!

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    Qwaider's socio-techno predictions for 2008

    2008 is going to be the year of surprizes, this is the year that will spell out a lot of change. I'll take you on a tour of things that will likely happen in 2008.

    Predictions include items about facebook, the blogosphere, Jordanian online communities and of course the rest of the techno world

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    عامل الخوف

    بدأت كتابة هذا المقال باللغة الأنجليزية لأتراجع بسرعة الى عذوبة العربية للتعبير بالفعل عن احداث مثيرة مررت بها اثناء قيامي بأحد اكثر النشاطات امتاعا في عمّان ..

    كنت اجوب شوارع وسط البلد، باحثا عن صيدٍ ثمين، وجبة محليّة، او بعض الصناعات اليدوية او شيء اكثر اهمية، كتب تستحق القراءة.

    و لا اعني هنا الروايات الرخيصة او قصص الحب البالية، و لكني كنت في رحلة بحث مقدّسة عن كتب تلهب العقل و التفكير و توسّع الآفاق و المدارك. كتب في الفلسفة و الأديان، في علم الإجتماع و الأبحاث و العلوم العقلية المعاصرة، ففي مهنتنا العلمية الجافة لا بد من بعض الثقافة العامة لتطرّي على قلوبنا و إلا تحوّلنا اللى آلات لا تعقِل!

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    فن حضور السينما

     اعرف انّي تكلّمت الكثير عن السينما و اكثرت من النصائح لكن تجربتي الأخيرة اليوم جعلتي اشعر ان علي ان أُعيد النصح، لعل و عسى ان يكون لكلماتي صدى هذه المرة!

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    المواطن المحظوظ

    المواطن الأردني من اكثر المواطنين حظّا في العالم .. فيمكن الاستغناء تماما عن النوادي الرياضية في الأردن و الاستعاضة عنها بمجموعة وثائق حكومية اجبارية.

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    Very lovingly!

    I can't remember where I read this before but it goes like this. To love someone they need to have at least ONE VERY feature. As in, be very handsome, very elegant, very successful, very smart, very compassionate, very considerate, very funny or very rich! There are other "very"s out there but be warned, doubling the "very" factor is a recipe for disaster!

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    Shamefully, I have abused the system too...

    Although I've always been nepotism (wasta) and corruption number one enemy. I have sadly resorted to some techniques that I'm ashamed to say, not straight!

    Like any good Jordanian citizen, I took my passport and went to renew it. Only to be frustrated by the sad realities of the Jordanian workforce. Too much fat, and too little efficiency.

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    How to get a PHD, and still be a moron!

    I was waiting for someone to jump out and say, "You're on candid camera" as the wife of a PhD holder handed me couple of talismans that she asked me to deliver to her daughter back in the US. Very long denouncement statements along with huge amounts of protest were being formulated in my mouth and getting ready to burst out in flames in their own house when I decided to bite my tongue as hard as I can. Causing one of my eyes to twitch in a crazy way, while the other one was tearing from the amount of mental trauma I was going through.

    Talisman - حجاب
    This "religious" sudoku is expected to bring you good fortune

    "This one eases the birth process", "This one helps produce more breast milk", "This one has copper and lead to battle the evil eyes", and "this one makes the baby grow larger"....etc

    I look again in disbelief at their faces, looking for any hint of sanity, and all I get is serious faces and someone reassuring me that most of these are "Verses from the Quran", so they won't hurt...!

    God I envy my atheist friends at this moment.

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    But, You're Engaged!!!!!

    Good news to all my Ex(s) and would be ex(s), every single ex I had either got married, or engaged. So if you didn't get engaged yet, expect it to happen any minute now. Trust me, it will happen to you too.

    So, upon arrival to Jordan, I made my usual "Hi, I'm in town, just thought I would say Hi". If I missed anyone, it's either because I don't have their number (most likely since I'm no longer using my old Jordanian phone) Or I'm not really interested in talking to them.

    One stood out from the whole crowd, my good dear friend. Who had the most potential with me

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    More Ammani impressions

    The so called upper class neighborhoods in Amman, seem to lack style, elegance, manners and courtesy. It's mind boggling really when you think of it.

    And these are people physically existing there, before anyone protest with the usual "these must be outsiders" argument.

    Apparently, most were absent at the kindergarten when it was "Stand in the queue and wait your turn" class was on. It's really pathetic to say the least.

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