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Roba's Planet!!?

    Breaking news:.... Roba hacks Qwaider Planet!

    Roba planet

    What the!!! Roba is hacking Qwaider Planet!!?

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    More holes than a Leopard! Yep, Mac sucks!

    This is soon going to be coined as one of the worst security downgrades for Mac OSes in History. Mac's Leopard. Guess what, it's not only bad and in many ways irrelevant, it's also insecure and oh, did I say it has more holes than a leopard has spots?

    Yeah, there has not been any serious security reviews of Mac's because .. well, no body takes them seriously ANYWAY! they're really pretty shiny toys. "Fashion Icons" if you may. But a serious computer? Well, maybe.. Personally I know it does the job. But are you going to be "Safe" doing it?

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    معجّنات .. على صفيح ساخن

    صارلي مدة ما عملت بوستات عن الاكل .. و اليوم .. و بما انّي عملت شوية معجّنات .. قررت .. امتّعكم بشوية صور...


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    Life is but a deck of cards

    Have you ever noticed how much similarities life has with a game of cards!? Maybe that explains it's popularity. Although a game of cards is much easier to follow, shorter and requires less people to play. But the similarities are many. 

    If we apply life simplistically to a game of cards. Some people will be dealt a nasty hand, others will be dealt a great hand, and the majority will get the whole rainbow, in other words everything-in-between

    cards of life

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