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Qwaider cooks Turkey!

    No, not Turkey the country. Turkey the Bird. Yep!

    Only a handful of my very close friends are actually aware of the big plans for Turkey day.

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    How rude!

    One of the subjects I'm currently taking in university is Strategic Management. Our class has been divided into a number of groups and each group has to do a field research on one of 3 Jordanian companies. My group has been assigned to Royal Jordanian Airlines. So my team mate and I went to their office today and I can't believe how we were treated.

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    بدنا انتخابات كل شهر

    كتب الكثير حول الانتخابات، و ثار الجدل، هل هي في صالح المجتمع؟ و هل قانون الصوت الواحد عادل؟ و هل كانت الانتخابات نزيهة؟ و ماذا حدث لأصوات الناخبين الذين لم يسمح لهم بالتصويت من المغتربين؟ و ماذا عن الملايين المائة و خمسين دينار المصروفة في المعركة الانتخابية؟ اسألة كثيرة ليس لها من مجيب.. لكن بوجهة نظري اتمنّى ان يتكرر العرس الانتخابي مرة كل شهر كإطلالة القمر.. و اليكم الاسباب

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    No thanks, I'm a Muslim!

    I know different people have different ways of responding to people offering them to eat something that has pork in it or offering them a beer. But I don't understand how many prefer to parade their faith in front of everyone. I'm not saying don't be proud of your religion. But tooting it like there is no tomorrow for just about every single thing out there is really, not the modesty that most religions try to teach us

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    Hurry, Burka fall fashion show!

    I'm really not blaming Bill Maher for making fun of us like this! I will reserve my opinion on who I will blame

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    You have exceeded the cleavage limit!

    One of my favorite geeky places on earth is Fry's! The nerds best friends, the geek's Mall! The equivalent of a woman's beauty saloon, shopping mall, and candy  shop all under one roofs for geeks only!

    Or so I thought!

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    The pretty boss!

    An interesting project I've been involved with recently was progressing in an interesting. The guys were enthusiastic to work. (If you're in corporate America, you will know that is an anomaly). The only thing I was able to find different was... The manager was really really hot!

    Now, I'm the first to take a stand against things like intolerance based on gender. I prefer that my organization would have a balanced number of males, females and minorities mainly because this is extremely healthy for the products and allows it to cater to the diverse demographics of the customer base. Of course that's a very hard goal if not impossible to achieve.

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    Highlights, eyebrows... what's next?

    As I was looking at the guy standing in front of me today, I couldn't help but notice that his eyebrows were done! Sadly, it's not the first time I see a guy who has his eye brows are done. It seems to be the new fashion for guys. I personally find it disgusting!

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    Foot in mouth moment!

    I have no idea why I'm so nosy. I seriously have no clue.

    I was preparing my afternoon cup of yummy nescafe (not the crappy Starbucks stuff they had in the kitchenette) and a lady was cooking something in the microwave. And the whole kitchen smelled of something yummy!

    She was done, got a little bag out of the microwave oven and started trying to open it. Because it was hot she was a bit slow. Then I had to open my big mouth and ask, What is that!

    And a lightning bolt came blazing through my head....

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    Qwaider previews - Beowulf (2007)

    This is one spectacular flick that is not short on talent but falls completely short when it comes to story telling. The movie has stunning imagery and breathtaking fore and backgrounds not to mention that anything in between is so brilliantly laid out that it blows your mind when you see it!


    6.5/10 on the Qwaider scale, yet this one is a definite must see
    Opens in theaters everywhere this coming Friday the Nov 17th

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