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What kind of a sexist are you?

    I keep hearing the same arguments from both sides of the isle. Women attacking men and accusing them of oppression, abuse, sexual exploitation. While men are mostly silent with very few exceptions, but they respond back sometimes with very sexist remarks and arguments that undermine a whole gender, half the society.

    Sexist - Not Sexist

    That's one thing, however there's a huge difference between the mental orientation and the real-life-actual and physical application of these ideas. Where the argument becomes completely reversed and men -in practice- become more of the aggressors. Mostly happening behind closed doors.

    The mentality of women in Jordan for example has been reshaped to accept abuse as a fact of life, a normal part of life. Beatings, emotional and verbal abuse, and even asymmetrical responses to honor crimes appear to be the least of their worries. But if you look at publications, you will notice a trend that is completely against that. It's not hypocrisy, it's the social schizophrenia that we suffer from. The schizophrenia that mandates that we must believe something that never reflects anything tangible in real life!

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    Leopard is Vista!

    You heard it right, Apple's new OS Leopard is Vista. I first suspected that Apple has copied everything in Vista when it crashed the first time. (To tell you the truth, I haven't seen Tiger crash, but Leopard crashed so much that I suspected I was running Vista).

    I'm just kidding of course, but Oliver Rist, one of the most respected colleagues in the industry isn't!

    So if you know someone who downgraded from Vista to XP, pat them on the back, they're not alone. Leopard users are downgrading back to Tiger!

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    The Kite Runner and the dumb chick!

    I'm seriously furious! Today, I was supposed to be previewing Khalid Housseini's best seller novel "The Kite Runner" (The movie, to be released Dec14th) when the stupid organizers mixed up our seats with some other organization and we couldn't get in. All 70 of us! As if that was not enough to ruin my evening, there was this stupid Indian chick who thought that she's god's gift to this planet that was giving me the dirty looks! I was about to look at her and say, go freakin PMS somewhere else!

    The Kite Runner

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    All for the job!

    What takes priority in your life? Work or family?

    For single folks like me, that's really easy to answer, but for others. It's just not that simple!

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    Rolling with Qwaider - Top of the 90s - Part I

    If had the fortune of riding with my in the 1990s, chances are you would be hearing some awesome tunes blasting through my 5.4KW custom designed sound system (Speaker design was kind of hobby). Yeah, I used to be one of those people who rattled shops windows with excessive bass. And I loved it.

    When I wasn't playing rock, and I mean some amazing timeless rock. I used to play these... Collected for your hearing pleasure

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    Thanks to Dr Hypocrite, Katherine and Abdullah are No-More!

    Katherine and Abdullah are no more!

    On their latest encounter, via satellite this time, Katherine breaks up with Abdullah. For good. After she tells the world that she was abused (verbally and physically).

    Dr Phil Hypocrite pimps Katherine a southern boy cuz, "it feels right".

    And frankly, it does!

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    God's Hate

    Don't be surprised. This is a true thing!

    Throughout my life, all I could feel was God's amazing love to me. In just about anything I do. Or any situation I end up entangling myself into. From death defying stunts to horrible situations. God's grace has always been so watchful over me. But enough about me.

    A friend of mine is the darkest, gloomiest, most depressed, pessimist you can ever see. If you guessed that he never felt God's love, then you are right!

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    Dr Phil, Leave Abdullah and Katherine Alone!

    I am sick of this junk going around the Internet, Abdullah psycho this. Abdullah psycho that! When are you people going to freakin wake up and understand that this is not even news worthy!? So some teenage chick ran away from home and travelled half the way across the world to be with the boy she liked over Myspace! BIG DEAL!! Everyday teenagers (some even from Arab American roots) run from their parents houses. What happened to the teenager? Was she forced into prostitution? Was she beaten? Was she offered to the cult prophet as a gift and roamed their ranch offering free sexual favors to the village? Was she sleeping on a a sidewalk with a junkie needle sticking out of her arm?! Was she kept against her will?

    Katherine Lesterabdullah jinzawi
    Katherine Lester and Abdullah Jinzawi

    Stop this goddamn feverish reverse-hypocrisy. Middle eastern men are NOT after your pretty little princess! Dr Phil.

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    Is ISLAM applicable for every time and place?? - Answered!

    My good controversial friend Arab Lady, is at it again, I tried to comment on her blog but she has turned off commenting. Therefore, I decided to move the argument here. Please understand that this is not an attempt to polish Islam, or promote it. Or bash any one else's beliefs. These are my answers to some questions that she has. And I'm only assuming that she means this with best of intentions as she's looking for ... Answers!

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    How to cook a turkey with a light bulb

    It's Turkey season. And the good folks at Household Hacker are back to their awesome goodness! This time they show how to cook a Turkey using nothing more than a light-bulb and a few DVD-R's and the best part? It was all done in 45 minutes! WOW! Now that's awesome cooking

    You have seen these dudes before in the famous "Power your iPod with using an Onion" video (more inside)

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