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اصحى يا نايم وحّد الدّايم

    اصحى يا نايم وحّد الدّايم
    ثروات امّتنا بتضيع حفلات و عزايم
    و عراس الها اوّل و ما الها آخر
    و ناس بتيجي تسهر وبتطلع تنم
    ناس ماتت من الجوع
    و ناس عم تحرق  زي البهايم
    و العريس بعد العرس على الاسراف نادم

    Dream bride

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    All roads, don't lead to victory!

    Growing up, I remember watching the black and white movies of the great era in the Arabic history when the Arabic movie industry was a matter of national pride. The industry was on par with the largest names in the world. From Europe to Hollywood. And bollywood didn't even register on the map at the time.

    I remember how romantic my older sisters used to get when watching the old gems. And I contrast that with how empty I feel when I watch everything that is being puked from the whole Arabic movie industry these days.

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    Random thoughts

    Nothing specific, just random thoughts that are not worth writing a whole post for individually. Just rambling..

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    I give up! They don't exist anymore!

    It's been years, and I'm starting to think that what I'm looking for doesn't exist!

    How come it's impossible to find people who are Moderately religious, adequately decent and neither strict nor prejudice?!

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    Poor iPhone users!

    You might have cracked yours or not, but it doesn't matter. Because apparently Apple has created a security flaw that even the stupid people at Microsoft didn't do! You wanna know what it is? .... EVERYTHING runs as ROOT!

    This is no mambo jumbo, apparently, a bunch of crackers were able to completely screw up the iPhone, Not just converting it to a brick! But rather converting  it to the ultimate spying machine on it's owner. You know what's the worst part? The exploit doesn't require someone to be around like in the good old days of bluetooth, but through wifi they can be up to 300 feet away, and over Edge they can be half way around the globe and STILL hearing your calls, reading your SMS, and bricking your phone. Even worse, they don't even need a PC to do it, they can do it from the convenience of their own iphone!

    Something that is being dubbed, beyond STUPID!

    Please note: That everything here is contingent on the news being actually true!

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    Sure, why should you settle for less?

    This is a funny argument discussion that has taken place with one of the ladies. It's been years since I last heard from that person and now that we exchanged Ramadan greetings and wishes. It was time to brag update each other about what's been going on in our lives and how everything is going. Of course only to get the "If you have someone around" question that indicates intent to find a suitor for her!

    Fair enough, no harm done. Sure, if I have someone I'll send them your way.... then the whole thing went south!

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    My credentials!

    Do you want to know why a guy loses interest in some ladies faster than they many can say "boob"? Simple! If all you have is physical appeal, then expect people to get sick of the way you look, feel, taste or smell in No time. This is not only directed to women, but to guys as well. Although, I see more women going the extra mile to appeal to guys physically than guys. But it's growing

    Consider it an advice, or an eye opener. Especially right after he dumps you, or you decide "What the hell was I thinking"

    iconic bombshell

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    Lighting another candle

    Another candle is placed on the cake, a bigger breath is needed to blow all of those candles off... and since everything begins with a breath, so is this cake

    Today, I light another candle on the long journey of life, I push forward as the days seem to be shorter, and the nights longer and the future, darker...

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