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Qwaider previews - Bee Movie (2007)

    The laughs start exactly after 0.2 seconds from the beginning of the movie. Even before the logo of DREAMWORKS is done showing. In fact, before the logo is shown! The minute you see Jerry Seinfeld's name on a production you know that it's got to be hilarious! Not just funny! Side-busting, shorts-wetting, eye-tearing, throat-choking funny! I can't even remember the last time I laughed this much at a movie! Where Shrek the 3rd failed, Bee Movie succeeded, with flying colors. Actually they were only two colors, yellow and black!

    Bee Movie

    Movie opens everywhere this weekend Nov2nd

    9.5/10 on the Qwaider Scale!

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    Do you believe in Karma?

    Recently, I started to shift my opinion completely about this. Yes, it appears that what goes around, comes around.

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    Only the stupid stay behind

    After reading this article in the New york times I felt really sorry for the current condition of young women in Beirut, but I felt even more sorry about my current condition AWAY from Beirut!

    What the heck is going on with the Arab world? And why-oh-why didn't this happen when I was back home? I didn't see such stuff HERE in the goddamn land of the free!! One person said, "Only the stupid stay behind" I would counter that with, "Only the stupid remain away" when so much is going on. Guys in exile, read it, and weep


    Nightlife in beirut

    Where the Boys Are, at Least for Now, the Girls Pounce

    Kate Brooks/Polaris,
    for The New York Times

    At a Halloween party at the C-Lounge in Beirut, women tried to attract scarce visiting men with a "Who's the Sexiest?" contest.

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    Stuck together!

    I guess I'm ranting again. I hate it when I do that, but I do it anyway. When are we ever going to learn to distinguish between person and Institution? When are we going to learn to distinguish between person and idea. Why do people associate the name of the person as a brand to distinguish a good product or bad product. Without even looking at the product!? Why do we practice this ugly method of judging completely based on the book's title! Or the author!?

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    I was very upset this morning when I got to university only to find out that there was no class, especially since I forced myself to get out of bed this morning. I thought about just going home and ditching my next class. There was and hour and a half left until my next class and I wasn't in the mood to wait, especially since all my friends were in their classes.

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    The unsung heroes of blogging

    No one is going to post about these, therefore I will.

    There are many bloggers out there who have done, and are still doing so much for this blogging world and the blogging community in Jordan and the Arab world. Yet, no one mentions them. Their work, efforts, are all not appreciated or even mentioned. Yes, there are awesome bloggers who churn out one magnificent  piece of literature after another. But there are those who actually GLUE this community together. There are those who are the fabric, the true unsung heroes that make a community.... a community...

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    A well deserved rest

    I needed this weekend.

    After spending the past couple of weeks pulling 18 hour days, it's time for me to have a little rest! And things are not all that good! My project needs to go to "contingent" plans because some people were late and over shot their deadline by a mile! But maybe we'll be able to get back on track. A little free pizza for the team goes a long way, especially for the guys burning the midnight oil.

    So I retreated to the warmth of my bed

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    Some technical tips for the non technical bloggers

    Alright folks, boys and girls it's time for another session.

    Recently, Gravatar (The universally recognizable Avatar company) have done something that screwed people who had these for a long time. Luckily the solution is simple, long into your gravatar account and just select your picture once again. Simple

    More tips below

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    من الجمعة للجمعة

    صلاة الجمعة اليوم كانت مختلفة. غريبة... حزينة.. مكتظة بالمصليّن .. خالية من الخشوع .. ضعيفة .. بعيدة عن جو رمضان.. لا ادري لماذا حنّيت الى رمضان.. مع انه لم يفارقنا الا من حديثا..

    حتى الخطبة .. كانت مخيّبة للآمال .. مكفّرة .. منذرة.. مرهبة.. ضعيفة .. تتخللها كلمات الانجليزية .. كأنها مسخ لا عربي .. و لا انجليزي صرف.. انّما شبه لغة!


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    Certain people!

     There are people that pass through our life that are sure to leave an ever lasting impression on it. Some turn to our loved ones, others turn to our worst enemies..

    But there are those who are so special and so distinct, yet they can't fall into either friends or enemies! People we love but can't keep as friends, or hate but can't fully categorize as enemies.

    long distance

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