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No you freak, You can't add me to MSN!

    OK, it's been a while since I last had a fit like this. But trust me, this time it's absolutely legitimate!

    I'm sure we're ALL on MSN, if not, some other IM communication application. From time to time you get these WIERD invitations by people you don't know or care about. Don't get me wrong, these are not friends, family, coworkers .. these are completely random useless people. And they want to "chat!"

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    My Idol!

    I can't find the words to describe the feelings I have inside. I don't know where to start. No amount of words would truly show how much gratitude and love I hold for the dearest person to my heart... my mother. I love her with all my heart, I love her unconditionally, and I still feel that I don't love her enough. It saddens me that I only realised her true value a few years ago. Like many people, while i was young and stupid, I saw my mother as the enemy. The person who stood in my way when I wanted to go out with my friends or do the things that young kids want to do. The one who always said NO! Little did I know was that all she really wanted was to protect me and raise me to be the best that I can be.

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    Glaring violations by Jordanian traffic police

    I was really impressed to see women joining forces alongside their brethren in efforts to make Jordanian streets safer for everyone. I think they set an amazing example in discipline and extreme efficiency and I am so proud of every single one of them

    But I have to say that I've witnessed a few events that got me concerned. It seems that there are really no system of control watching over the watchful eyes.

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    سجن القمر

    في البعيد لي قمر
    تجرّع من مرارة العيش
    يعيش  رغم انف الحزن
    وظلم الحبيب
    في عيون البراءة
    و يعاند قسوة الزمان
    وهجر القريب
    وحنان الغريب
    وراء عتمة المحيط

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    And I met Jesus Christ!

    I met Jesus Christ!

    I am not kidding you. Not one bit!

    I got on a taxicab, on my way to the airport. And the driver turned out to be no other than the much anticipated reincarnation of Jesus Christ!

    This is a true story!

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    She ran away!!

    Yesterday morning our maid ran away! Can you believe it?! I was shocked! I always hear stories about maids who run away, but i never expected it to happen to us. We've had many maids and none of them have ever run away. The nerves! where did she go? Who did she run to? She's only been with us for 2 and a half months, she doesn't speak Arabic and her English isn't so great. And what shocks me the most is that she had the nerves to run away while I was in the house!

    UPDATE: it has been confirmed that the agency DID steal her. They took her from our house and gave her to someone else! Simply put, they conned us and probably them too!

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    The trip out!

    Despite all the hardships, frustrations related to "the system" and practically just about everything back home. The hardest part of a visit is the trip back to oblivion. The trip back to expatriatism. The long goodbyes, the watering eyes, the weary parents, the praying, the aching, the advices, the wishes. The culmination of all the pain combined with just about every sad thought and feeling of forced seclusion.

    The grand finale is always the worst part. No matter how easy people try to make it. No matter how considerate It just doesn't get any easier.

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    Pleasant flight Queen Alia Airport

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    Unacceptable, unsatisfactory and very offensive!

    We all heard of our friend WhoSane's tragedy and the ordeal that his father has recently passed through. And is still passing through.

    Couple of days ago, I decided to go visit Whosane's father at the hospital. And to my surprise two Doctors representing the Ministry of health internal auditing were there trying to take a statement from Whosane's father. They brought with them a print out of Whosane's post on the matter and started digging holes in the story. I was really outraged. Since these are the people who are responsible to find the facts, not be biased and pass judgment.

    Here are my impressions on what was going on

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    Not really addictive, huh?