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Fact: Bloggertts have higher chance to get married!

    It's astonishing, but as I see it, If a bloggerett (Female blogger) is still unmarried, they seem to have a much higher chance of getting married. And the proof is absolutely overwhleming!

    In the past year ALONE, there were at least 8 bloggeretts who willingly surrendered to the golden cage. Some got engaged, some got married, and others are on the verge. So what do you think drives such percentages up?

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    Busy days, super busy nights

    Another day from the glorious month of Ramadan passes by, and another night filled with forgiveness, blessings and has absolutely NO TIME what so ever to do anything!

    Recently, I've been resorting to keeping my folks on the speaker phone at my office just to have a chance to talk to them, while I work in the amazing speed of 7 dry-scientific-technical-literature an hour. And I tell you, it ain't fun.

    Also, Facebook acquisition rumor inside!

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    On doubt!

    People who have doubt scare me! When someone is certain that something is true, absolute and undisputed. It makes me nervous. Especially when many things in this life are not that black and white. Even matters of religion are not that conclusive all the time. And depends on who is talking, his sources and how good his argument is. See, "Argument" means that there was alternatives and one was elected best. In other words, there might be better ones. Might, means, doubt!

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    Memories Documented Status update

    Hey folks, It's been a long time since I updated people on the status of this blog/project and this would be good time to share and discuss the recent changes I've added. Just for the sake of keeping on the technical excellence side of things. As you know, this blog is NOT wordpress, nor is it anything else for that matter. Here are the latest changes

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    Go ahead, close the gates of Paradise behind you!

    It's written that Satan used to be at the class of Angels, he was devout, extremely religious and on God's righteous side. Then, he became arrogant with his faith and fell for vanity. He thought that he is better than others, and that his good deeds will guarantee him a position on God's side. He thought wrong..

    Today, it kills me to see the same story repeating it self again, with people who think they have it set. And that everyone else is inferior because they prayed a little bit more. Or they shortened their pants a little bit more!

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    خلاصات رمضانية..

    نمر بن العدوان:

    البدو حرامية ... كل شوي بينطّوا على بعض و بيسرقوا الحلال و البعارين! بس كرماء طبعا.. واضح لأنهم ما ما بيكرموا من جيبتهم!

    وسيلة الاتصال المفضلة: الهرج! او القِصيد!

    الشب اذا عجبته صبية ... بيتعلل عندها!

    نفسي افهم ... كيف بيصلّوا اذا مش حافظين الفاتحة!؟ لكن حافظين "قصيد" لأبو موزة!

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    Second hand lovers!

    A dear friend of mine recently got engaged to a very nice man. The groom is charming, educated, well mannered, from a fantastic family. He's also head over heels in love with my friend, everything is perfect. My friend too is also from a great family, very beautiful, well educated and from a financially stable family. All was perfect with one exception the groom is also a father to 2 beautiful little girls

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    Truth about marriage

    Married women always tell me to enjoy being engaged as much as I can because it's the best time of your life, even after you get married, I wonder why. Is it because guys treat a girl better during the engagement period since she's not 100% "his" yet? Does he only go as far as he can to impress her and make her happy when they're engaged and then when they're married he doesn't put the same effort anymore?

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    Gag order!

    I'm getting sick of everyone snooping around trying to figure out who I meant with this, and who is in that! And quite frankly, some of the funniest things that happen to me in my life are not showing up here because of that! I WANT TO GET IT OUT! But I know how people will react, they will get offended, and they will feel that I'm bashing thing publicly and all that good stuff!

    A year ago, I wouldn't have given it a moment's thought. But now.... hmmm!  I'm getting gagged in both meanings!

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    Empty lives!

    What is up with people these days? I'm specifically talking about those so called "happily married" people. Who appear to have so much time on their hands to burn the midnight oil reading, writing and commenting on their old friends-from-the-other-gender on facebook.

    If anything they appear to be sniping for a flattering comment here, or a compliment there. And who doesn't like compliments? Especially when s/he hasn't heard something like that from their significant other in ages!

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