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Losing sunshine

    There are certain matters, events, people who give us all the ability to go on. Make our days brighter. Our nights warm. Our hearts warm and fill up our life with bright warm sunshine. These events or people are the essence of essentially everything positive we feel around us. These are the peeks that transform the gray valleys we live in, into a majestic landscape of mountain tops and meadows of lush, green playful grass

    Sunshine, Kirkland washington 6/2007
    Picture of sunset in Kirkland. Similar picture I took found here

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    يا ريتني هندي

     يمكن اكتر ناس بنضحك عليهم على مستوى الشعب العربي همة الهنود.. لكن و الله بشوفهم عندي .. في امريكا.. بغار منهم.. بتمنى اكون بصبرهم و مثابرتهم .. و اصرارهم الغريب و التضحية العظيمة بكل شيء في الحاضر ... من اجل المستقبل... نضحك عليهم؟؟ والله احنا اللي بنضحّك الناس علينا.. شايفين حالنا احسن ناس!

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    Blogging - Signal to noise ratio

    Signal to noise ratio in the world of electrical engineering (or audio)  (SNR or S/N) is defined as the amount of desired signal or power or sound compared to the accompanying noise. Conceptually, this can be applied to anything. The blogosphere included.

    If you've been around for a while you will notice that there are certain issues that growing at an exponential rate. The longer you are around the greater a target you become to attacks on multiple victors. From Spam to malicious code injection to social engineering. The list never ends. But that's not all...

    Add to that additional hysteresis of sifting through tons of posts for the gems out there, and you come across a real huge problem that is looming over the whole blogosphere

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    On free trade.. (Answering Mohanned)

    I started writing a comment-response but it was starting to become so long that I decided to wrap it up in it's own article..

    In the face of growing anti-globalization sentiments (just negative way to present people who place people first, not economy) there are huge supporters on both sides. There are heroes on both sides. There are also fools on both sides many that follow what ever new trend in the name of modernization sometimes and as an answer to their miserable economic position in the other.

    I'm just one of those fools with tools, and the ability to think ... sometimes ...

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    They all fake it!

    Just to prove that they either all fake it, or it's 100% psychosomatic watch this...

    (people who tend to throw up easily should be warned)

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    ظاهرة ليست بالجديدة .. و لا القديمة .. فتيات في مقتبل العمر .. في عز الشباب .. في ربيع العمر ... مصابات بوهم و هوس  "هَنَا" عريس الاحلام! منهن من يصاب بلوثات و يحتجن العلاج النفسي من كثر الادمان على الاحلام  و الحصان الأبيض  و الطرحة .. و الأسوأ الضغط النفسي و الأجتماعي و العائلي ...

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    I wish..

    I can't help but envy birds for their amazing ability to fly. I wish I could fly. To be able to get away from everything and just fly in the sky and watch the world from way up high. Sometimes I just feel the need to get away from everything and everyone. I just want to be alone, be somewhere else, somewhere I can go and leave my worries behind.

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    Since Globalization is the buzzword of the past decade or so. I thought I would coin a new word Globodasters. The reason I'm doing this is that everyone is really quick to rush to celebrate the really "short" term achievements of globalization. And quickly overlooks the glaring side effects Globodasters!

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    Wordpress takes a nosedive!

    The popular God of all blog hosting services/application Wordpress is apparently experiencing some difficulties as seen here...


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    Google does to Sky what they did to earth!

    A soft launch with the new Google earth software includes a bunch of new enhancements most notable is the cool new Google Sky. Remember the opening scene on Google earth where the picture zoomes in on planet earth? Guess what, you can now pan, zoom and rotate images of the sky. Not only that ... but a whole lot more.

    Check out this demo video for additional details

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