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Sex addiction....

    Is there really such a thing? I truly wonder!


    In a recent discussion with a lady friend of mine she branded a third person as a "Sex addict". She continued by saying that's all he thinks about! I was secretly thinking! Shoot, I think about that too, and a lot! Does that make me addicted as well!? Hmmm!

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    There are two types of women

    Those who have it, and those who don't.

    • Those who have it, will boast it, show it off, brag about it at every occasion (even though it usually shows).
      • Those who don't have it sometime fake it. Others they envy the ones who have it.
    • Those who have think men only look at them because of it
      • Those who don't have it think that men look at the other ones because they have it

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    The alley cat

    How many marriages does it take to find "Mr perfect"? As many as it takes according to "Sister" Amina!

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    Are you the same person?

    After meeting a number of bloggers in real life. I came to a realization. Most people are way nicer in real life.

    I really don't know why, it might be because of this static cold interface that builds a wall of superficial distance. Maybe because we love to keep on record the thoughts and ideas that makes us proud, while suppressing to our "hidden dark place" all the negative feelings and experiences.

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    Grow up, already!

    When will the Arab masses wake up, grow up .. and understand that the world has changed!? When will we all understand few VERY SIMPLE concepts in this life like ....

    • If I disagree with you, this doesn't mean that I HATE YOU, or that I should continue to disagree with you FOR LIFE!
      It also doesn't mean that you should hate me and consider me your enemy!
    • If I talked to a gay friend of mine this doesn't mean that I am Gay! It doesn't mean that I have Aids! It doesn't mean that I'm gay-tagious!
    • If I sympathise with Hayfa Wahbi, this doesn't mean that I promote prostitution!
    • If I accept ladies to go out in swimsuit, this doesn't mean that I promote nudity! It's none of my business! That's what it is!


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    منقوشة زعتر

    اشتقت لمنقوشة زعتر
    و لكاسة شاي بابا المعطّر
    بأيامي و ذكرياتي وَشَمْت
    اوراق الدفتر

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    Young couples

    One of the teachings of Islam is to promote young marriages. The call was out to young men with a clear call "Who ever can afford the hardship of marriage, then he should ...". The Arab world is no different, teenage marriage are still being practiced all over. And up to about 30 years ago, they were the dominant type and they still are in the rural areas in most of the Arab world until this day.

    I no longer believe that marriage at a young age is a good idea. I used to. For a very long time. And then, I grew up, and started noticing things that just need time and a level of maturity before they can exist. I changed the peachy picture that two young teenagers can get married then go through school and life together.

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    Fellow bloggers, beware!

    A new form of scam is "Link" spam or link Junk. This new form is being used to inflate some advertising/malicious websites rankings at the expense of the people who might get scammed into linking to them. Here are some tips for you to stay safe!

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    Take your winnings and RUN!

    There are two schools of thought on the best way to reach the top in your related industry. I call them the snail and the Zigzag rabbit! Others have other names to them, but the concept is very simple. What determines what you want to be, is you, you only and no one but you! No one is going to care more about it than you do. And no one is going to make it easier on you!

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    Where do you wanna be in 5 years?

    If you've been in an interview, chances are, you've been asked this question before. But what do they really mean by it? Are people actually interested in your vision of the future or your 5 year plan? Or are they looking for reassurances that you will be "Stuck" to them for the next 5 years of your life!

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