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Everybody's a critic!

    First of all, I hope the new changes in the theme appeals to you. They have been done to maximize your viewing pleasure while maintaining good accessibility and functionality. The theme remains in compliance with the British disability and accessibility act. And allows people to do the most important thing a blog need to have. Legibility!

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    How Qwaider Planet helps the community

    Few months back when Qwaider Planet started. I had doubts how it will be received. Or how good it would be. Even more how will it serve people.

    The days passed, the hits piled up, even some polls showed that it's being favored by a good number of people. The way it was all designed was the end user in mind. At the same time, I tried to distance my self and my personal opinions regarding content and participant.

    You will notice a huge diversity of Arabic culture related blogs, writers and articles. From all possible colors of the rainbow. Exactly the way a free speech promoting service ought to be

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    Under a rock!

    Every once in a while, you just feel like crawling under a rock and disappearing off the face of the planet. Not for any specific reason. Or you might have a million reasons. But the result is the same. You would like to be left alone, lay low and just mind your own business

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    الواد قلبه بيوجعه


    الواد قلبه بيوجعه وعايز حد يدلعه

    Tough love..

    It's Friday, YAAAY, and since it's the end of the week, here's some strong messages that I would like to send out. Please, don't take it personally... PLEASE!!?

    • If you have nothing to say, Then please don't waste our time saying it!

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    Business must get agile

    One of the worst business decisions facing most businesses, large, small, established or startup is the ability to detect when they have made a bad business decision and go back on it

    Look, there is nothing wrong in identifying that there has been a mistake done in the past and it's time to cut the losses and go back on a commitment, a business deal or whatever. Sometimes taking the consequences might be way less painful than actually continuing with the mistake

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    You can do it too!

    This is my sixth month without a single cigarette. And I mean that religiously, NOT A SINGLE PUFF! No Cigar, no cigarette, no Argeeleh NOTHING! And frankly, I feel way better!

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    لأ يا اطفال.. المياه لها لون و طعم و رائحة

    ما اشبه الامس باليوم ...

    من سنوات ... كنت في زيارة للوطن .. و طبعا في الغرب ... نسيت معنى كلمة "فلتر ماء" و كيف انه احد الأساسيّات في المنازل. حتى قبل الثلاجة و الغاز و العريس و غرفة النوم! في ذلك العام بالذات .. اذكر انه حتّى الفلتر .. لم يجدي نفعا مع المياه! فتحوّل الجميع الى شراء المياه المعالجة عن طريق محلات بيع المياه (و ازدهرت خدمة  تعقيم و توصيل المياه) الى المنازل .. حالها كحال خدمة توصيل انابيب الغاز!

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    From scratch..

    "If you want to create an apple pie from scratch, first you have to create the universe"

    -Carl Sagan

    Do you realize how out of the box, out of the norm, out of the minute details of our lives that statement is? Did you notice how deep and particular that vision is?

    There are two types of people. Scientists, and Engineers. While scientists obsess about getting to the real final finite answer of an infinite problem. Engineers build in an approximation, add tolerance and make it work! Practicality is the key talent of an engineer.

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    في عمّان

    في عمّان ...
    في الشوارع القديمة..
    بين الحواري و الازقة ...
    بين الايام و غبرة الاحلام..
    في اطفال بعيونها امل 

    في عمّان ..
    بوسط البلد،
    في يوم صيف خانق،
    بين زحمة السيارات ..
    و تكدّس المحالات ..
    . في احلام عم تكبر

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