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    There are moments in the person's life when people realize that life is so difficult. So hard, and the pleasant old womb that shielded them for so long is incapable of extending that protection any more. At a specific moment in one's life people realize that they have to fend for them selves. The have stand up, and face the fury of the storm. Head on... And wake up the next morning to realize, they're in-charge. No matter how pleasant or frightening that thought is. It does eventually come true.

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    Patent thieves!

    I don't even know why I bother with Arabic channels and news! Every time I turn to one of the channels I see the same old propaganda crap. And I'm not even talking about political lies when might be up to interpretations.

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    You did it, why can't my moron?

    I continue to be surprized from the actions of people. Relatives first! It appears that the closer you are the more intense the "demands" become. How could people even think of these things. I have no clue!

    So I get this stupid call from a long lost/forgotten relative, asking me to "help" his son get a PhD and immigrate to the USA! I couldn't stop thinking in the back of my head, I don't think even George Bush can do that!

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    Even though, today was supposed to be a happy day. As a major milestone in a "side" project that I'm working on (but very important one). The project was announced a major success against all odds as "Mission impossible: Accomplished". Yet, it was a sad day for me!

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    Real courage!

    You can't show courage if you're untouchable!

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    Blogging @ 60MPH

    Not that i recommend this to anyone .... but I've done it :) I'm typing right now while doing 60mph! (Around 100Km /h)

    By the way, this bridge floats on top of water. It's just anchored at the sides. But completely floats in the middle. Very smart ... isn't it?

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    Thinking it is one thing, saying it is another

    Many people think alike. Especially as they evaluate someone. So one person would be sleazy. You'll find a bunch of people who think the same thing of him. But you'll notice that very few would actually divulge this information to others

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