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Check out the latest pictures on Sweetestmemories

iPhone, Apple's way

    Remember when iPhone was first unveiled and I was complaining that it's the size of a brick? where I said:

    The next thing is the dimensions. It's 135grams 115x61x11.6 now quite frankly, that's large, heavy and unusual. It frankly looks like a Sony PSP without the keys.

    Here's how it used to look...


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    But he's not wearing a tie!!

    As you know, I'm involved in the technical side of hiring great talent. So one guy comes, wow's everyone including me with the depth and breadth, and like a kid who throws a tantrum at the candy isle in the grocery store. I was shouting, I want him on my team.. I want him on my team!

    And the other manager responds, but he wasn't wearing a tie! I flame-threw a look up and down his stupid posture, I was at loss of words to describe this superficial look!

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    and then there's REALLY busy

    You know, people say that they're busy at times. And I completely understand. Then comes a time when the very definition of being busy is completely changed! When you get to a level where you're so busy that, you REALLY don't have time to shave, scratch your head or even think. It gets so hard to deal with people at this stage. Everyone is requesting no demanding their percentage of your time and you just don't have it!

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    صلاة 101

    حبّيت اذكّر ببعض آداب الصلاة ... واجباتها.. (كان الموضوع شديد اللهجة .. لكنّي قررت آهتم بالجانب الإيجابي) حرصا منّي على ان اتبع الآية ( ولو كنت فظا غليظ القلب لانفضوا من حولك)

    اوّلا ... الصلاة لا تجوز بدون وضوء او تيمم (ان لم يوجد الماء) او طهارة بالغسل. (يعني بالعربي، اذا مش متوضّي.. تغلّبش حالك)

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    Some pix around Chicago

    Some of the pictures I took around Chicago .... enjoy

    from the lake

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    عزايم مراكبية

    في مثل شعبي قديم ... كتير حلو... بيتكلّم عن المراكبية و عزايمهم... و اللي مش عارف القصة و راه ... القصة ببساطة انه المراكبيّة لمّا يمرّوا على بعض بالبحر ... بيسلّموا على بعض و بينادوا بعض ان "يتفضل" الواحد منهم عند الآخر. و طبعا بدون ان يقصد الاوّل عزومة الثاني من اصله... لكن من باب اللباقة... و رفع العتب

    حلو كتير لمّا تصير نفس القصة ... في الواقع!

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    Back from vacation, need a vacation!

    Lets face it. If you had fun on your vacation till the very last moment. Then chances are you will get back from it, needing another one! I already hate Mondays, but the Monday right after the vacation is the worst!

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    There are certain things in this life ...

    I don't care what anyone says, I came to the conclusion today, that there are certain things in this life that can never be done alone! Pure and simple!

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    Human black-holes

    Some people are just negative. They radiate negativity and dark omen. As if the world is coming to an end in 15 seconds! I'm completely clueless to why would people be so negative just about everything in their lives or the life of others.

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    My armpit in Chicago

    So I decided to head to downtown for a quick tour around the city. And soon enough I was smelling my armpit. No I'm not crazy, this is serious!


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