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Long lost lovers...

    I don't understand what drives some people to search in their old books for people they knew .. didn't work out ... and both have moved on ... do we subliminally miss people after a while? Or did the experiences that have passed by us after that cause us to really value the good old old days and relationships?

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    Yes, people are stupid!

    "Two things are infinite, the universe, and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe"
    -Albert Einstein

    One thing that never seize to amaze me is the level of stupidity people reach. This is not one of those narcissist posts boasting anything. It's actually some wisdom for everyone...

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    Anti-Tag, why marriage is overrated!

    Since Kinzi is spearheading a campaign to promote marriage, I decided to play the devil's advocate in a piece I call, "Marriage is overrated"

    no bride

    Here you go, my 30 reasons on why marriage is really overrated!

    UPDATED :)

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    First impressions...

    Sometimes, we come across a glitter in a person's eyes that ignites so much curiosity and interest. You would be walking completely unaware of anything going around and suddenly, there's that look in some one's eyes that puzzles you!


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    Mr Generalizations

    I had a few minutes at work today, so I swung by a colleague, and a friend to check on the status of work (that he should have delivered 4 weeks ago, but failed) So me going out of my way to "beg" him to finish his work because I'm the BOL (Butt on the line)... So he struck me with pearls of wisdom as the latest and greatest Arabic Generalizations you can ever think of!

    Disclaimer: I Am adding these for your amusement, I don't really believe or condone them in any way, shape or form!

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    Don't ding me for your laziness!

    I'm furious! When someone has the nerve to approach management to "complain" that someone is working too much or taking on more work that makes him look bad in front of them. I feel really mad! So let me get this straight. For someone to look good he wants everyone else to not work or be bad so that he can shine!! Sheesh! Excuse me Mr Corporate-fat!! If you want to shine, you better earn it!

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    Changing trends... Socially

    Over the past 8 years that I've been living here in the US, I was fortunate enough to see specific trends and see them change over time. One of the most apparent was in services. For the best part. If I order any in-hose work I would expect to see a man (or more) at my doorstep with a huge tool belt and a big bag filled with tools! But for the past couple months I'm seeing a complete shift in who's showing up, Professionally dressed women are showing up, with a friendly smile. Which knocks a bell in the back of my head, would this ever happen in Jordan?

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    The most beautiful girl

    I have no idea why women go crazy when they hear these words. The second someone tells them they're the most beautiful they start floating on the air and feeling satisfied that they've beaten Cinderella, Snow white and just about every story about a pretty woman! Frankly, If I was a woman and someone reduced my existence to being "pretty" I would be so mad I wouldn't know where to smack him!

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    Hard to deal with - gene

    There are some people in this world are just super hard to deal with. They nag (when it's not their position, and to people who don't even care). They get too sensitive of things. They consider everything as part of their Dignity, Identity, Manhood and they would immediately take the most negative attitude against you and the whole world around them. And they allow the hard-to-deal-with-gene shine

    Gene: A gene is generally defined as the unit of hereditary material (DNA) that causes a particular phenotype (generally assumed to be caused by a protein).

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    Vista is more secure than Linux, according to [Ehm] Microsoft!

    Now, we can all breath. Turns out, Vista is more secure than Linux (multiple flavors), Apple's OS X and even Windows XP! All of this amazing finds are according to... well.. er .... em..... (cough) Microsoft.

    So let me get this straight. A company plagued by security holes and problems is preemptive proclaiming their new product (been released for 6 month only) more secure!? I don't know if I should laugh or cry!

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