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No, you don't look cool!

    This post is anti-gadget. Or lets just say, anti-stupid gadgets 

    There are awesome products in this world but there are also .... well .. not that great products. Or at least people are not using them the way they're supposed to (To make their life easier) They're using them to show off ... and that's seriously, NOT COOL!



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    Jordanian Painted bird

    If you ever read the very interesting novel by Kosiński titled "The Painted Bird" and you're not familiar with the term from eastern Europe (Poland). It's when the boy in the novel accompanies a bird catcher, who "for entertainment" would enjoy a cruel sport known at the time(WWII era). Where the locals would capture a bird, paint it with colors and then set it free. Then entertain as they watch the bird desperately trying to rejoin it's kin, and the flock rejecting what they assume to be an intruder. So they attack the bird to death.


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