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المرأة ... و الرجل..

    جاء في معجم الأطلسي عن ما جاء في معجم الفيروزبادي وما نقله عن الزمخشري:
    خُلقت المرأة لتسأل زوجها:
    من قابلت؟
    ومن اتصل بك؟
    ومن؟ ومن؟ ومن؟
    لذلك سميت بالانجليزية وُمَن (Woman)

    وإذا بالَغَت في السؤال والإلحاح فلا بد أن يقوم الزوج بهز بدنها ..ولذلك يُسَمَّى هزبن (Husband)


    The good old days.....

    I miss the good old days when I used to say everything that used to come to my mind. Exactly the way I felt about it. Blogging back then had a lot more satisfaction to myself. I was able to really vent out my ideas. Even though they weren't always welcome. Yet it carried more punch.

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    Guess what turned out to be a National duty!

    Yes, voting should be considered a national duty, but I think the duty stops there. The person elects the person that best represents their views. And answers their concerns.

    In an interesting Email I received, the sender claimed it's my duty to vote for a specific person.

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    Poisoning the well

    Almost everyday whenever I am forced to deal with people in customer service. I discover that the majority has a single track mind. If you mention specific "keywords" they will point a specific product to you. You start explaining and they don't get it (while it's right under their nose as a different product)

    What I noticed is that once a specific idea passes through their head, they stick to it, and refuse to understand that a customer might use the carpet for example to cover something on the wall.  The sad part, they keep insisting that it doesn't work as if they've tried everything possible in the universe and discovered that this specific configuration doesn't work

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    The little drama queen

    If there is anything in this universe that defies explanation. It would probably be the complexity of the female personality. I've yet to meet a single woman on the face of this planet, that doesn't have a little "Drama Queen" inside


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    Domesticated Roosters

    In a recent visit to one of my dear -married- friends. I noticed something very interesting. The spark of manhood has been extinguished and has been replaced with a more docile entity. A new species, no longer male, nor female. A weird existence ... Completely alien to me. Funny thing I used to know that guy as a chauvinistic stud, more fierce male traits and very defiant character. This new monstrosity is not my friend(s)... This pigeon ... is not manly at all.

    house husband

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    A 1400 year old joke, gets center stage

    I guess everyone has already heard about this by now. The fatwa about women breast feeding men to allow them to be in seclusion with men. What people fail to see is that prophet Mohammad proposed this solution in a very localized case, but if you read the so called "Hadith", you can feel the sense of humor the prophet (peace be upon him).

    It's been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that this hadith is Sahih (Authentic) but does it set an Islamic rule? I think not.

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    Shrek the 3rd (2007)

    One of the most anticipated movies of the year has finally made it's debut, and even though I got to see it, few hours ahead of the rest of the world. It kept to it's original promise, it delivered high marks on laughter. But the big question is .. did it remain faithful to the legacy of the two predecessors?


    7.0/10 on the Qwaider scale

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    In this country...

    In this country, everyone is trying to sell you something

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    ArabExpats ... Away from home

    A group of young Arab bloggers have joined forces to bring to the world the wealth of experiences they have accumulated. Driven by their shared longing to the homelands, ArabExpats brings you their experiences, their stories and captures a glimpse in the daily suffering of every apple, far from it's tree.

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