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This time, Really thanks Microsoft!

    The world is finally 1/10 the safer today! Yes, one of the world top 10 Spammers is behind bars! Thanks for action taken by Microsoft to put this guy away. For ONCE they direct their might and legal power in the right direction. Instead of combating the landslide of lawsuits.

    As reported on MSNBC

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    Commandments For guys only...

    For single guys out there, here's a little guide to help you through the relationship maze with the "better half". Now you have to understand couple of things first

    1. This is provided As-Is with no warranties, guarantees and confers no rights
    2. This doesn't work with everyone, you have to be highly adaptive to identify the right approach to the right person
    3. Use at your own Risk
    4. I don't do break-ups [From Hitch or Love Dr]

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    Expired Ph.Ds

    You don't need to be a computer science major to understand this article. But chances are, if you're not. You might be in a much better position than many people who majored in computer "Studies" (And by that I mean, Computer Science, Information Technology (IT), Computer Engineering, Software engineering ...etc)

    The issue is not about the hard work and tremendous amount of study that has been invested into the study to get those degrees only to discover that by the time those books went into press, almost everything in them has been rendered obsolete.

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    Looking over his shoulder...

    She trustingly let her self drift ever closer into his arms ... as she slowly but surly sunk his soul deeper and deeper in her eyes and her embrace ... as he completely let go of all of his defences ... she embraced him more ... relaxing her head softly over his shoulder. As her eyes leave the safety of his face, they shine once more to see who's watching.... As she notices the sparkle of interest in a nearby predator ... she smiles softly in agreement, or maybe invitation.

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     انا كتيير مبسوط على العطل... خَي! من زمان ما مرت علينا عطلة نهاية اسبوع من ثلاث ايام ... لأني فعلا كنت محتاج للعطلة .. فكّرت اسافر فيها على كندا.. بس المشكلة بالسفر انه برضو تعب.. فقررت .. اكسّلّي شوي .. و اقعد في البيت .. و اقضّي مشاويري و اشوف شو بدّي اعمل... آه .. نسيت .. و العب باللإكس بوكس360.. Halo3 من ساعة ما طلعت البيتا .. و الناس فوق بعض باللعب

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    Many people fall in love. Or at least they think that they're falling in love. But how much are they willing to sacrifice for that love? How much are they willing to take from the person they think they love? How far would they go before looking at that very person and protesting

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    Victims of vanity

    Vanity, definitely my favorite sin

    (from the movie Devil's Advocate)


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    الهجرة المعاكسة

    اشارت بعض الدراسات الحديثة الى حدوث طفرة في عدد السيدات الاتي يفضلن البقاء في المنزل على العمل في الغرب. ففي دراسات متعددة تم اثبات ان نحو مليون و نصف المليون من السيدات يفضلن البقاء في المنزل و تربية الاطفال على ممارسة اعمالهن. و قد اندفعت مجلات كـ(كريستيان سيانس ابزيرفر) المحافظة الى الاستنتاج ان هذه العودة هي الخيار الطبيعي و الامثل للسيدات حيث ان معترك الحياة شيء لا يناسب طبيعة المرأة.. لكن آخرون و بالاخص جمعيات المطالبة لحقوق المرأة توصّلت الى استنتاجات مخالفة..


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    What not to do when selling...

    If there is anything that makes me lose interest in a product, it would most likely be bad sales representatives. And customer service that stupify their customers. If I'm about to spend cash on your worthless, over priced product that I don't even need. Show me couple of things. Genuine interest in selling or in other words enthusiasm and respect to my wishes as a consumer.

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    World Economic Forum and the Average Jo

    Average Jo is a term I'm going to start using to represent the Average Jordanian from now on. It's interesting to see how a lot of the world leaders and agencies are gathering just for the sake of looking after other's best interest. If anything, that's the worst method of false advertising. What the WEF is about is simply, "How to better exploit more people". See, they do have "people" in their list of interests.

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