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Everyone's watching, Lets make out

    Of all the years I lived at home with my parents. I don't recall at any point of time that they have showed any form of affection or explicit gesture in any way that could be misinterpreted by anyone. Going out these days, is like dodging a mine field. Couple of lovers here, couple of lovers there, and everyone is making out!!


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    Love Gadgets :)

    Yep, I'm at it again, buying a new gadget every day ... but I'm so glad with the new additions... (I'm usually VERY disappointed after the first couple of hours)

    So first Gadget... the awesome YP-5. HUH!!? what nonsense is this!? Well ... this is the awesome little cute MP3 player with BUILT-IN speakers ... yep! And best part, it sounds LOUD, AWESOME and CLEAR! I just can't believe so much sound is coming out of this tiny little thing .....


    (but that's not all)

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    Yes, we're going to be cyborgs!

    A while ago I was explaining to the daughter of one of a university professors how we'll all have what I call "Technological Aids" that would help us do things with our life. Your phone, MP3 player, PDA, GPS and all other little gadgets will find their way to be integrated, and minaturized to the point that ......

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    Stick to what you know, PLEASE!

    I'm really saddened and disappointed by the way some people write! A few have an AMAZING talent to write in one language or another. Yet some insist on making posts in languages that are alien to them. Losing the meaning, idea and the reader in the process. I just can't help but think, why? Why do the wrong thing when you're fluent or even FANTASTIC in the other?!

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    His past, her past!

    If you've been living on this planet for more than 16 years, there's a big chance that you've met people you've considered friends, people that you considered best friends, and people that you considered lovers. Then the inevitable happened, you broke up, you moved on and you met someone new. There's a more than likely chance that this scenario has repeated itself several times in the past. Then came "The One", and you go to a point where you want to share more than the present and the future, but also the past, would you?

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    And statistics prove it!

    I was going some very dramatic and interesting results for user patterns and discovered something that I knew all along but now I have the statistics to prove it. Female bloggers get 72.5% more the traffic of male bloggers! But that's not all


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    كلام نسوان

    من اكثر الامور التي تثير عصبيتي و تجعلني اغضب بشدة... كلام النسوان! ارجوا ان لا يعتقد احد انّي اهاجم النساء فعلا، لكني اهاجم احد التصرفات المستهجنة والتي الاحظها في المجتمعات العربية! كلام النسوان!

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    Another weekend update!

    This weekend I decided to REALLY take some time off. From everything, life, friends, work, I just want to stay in bed and sleep my eyes fill. So far, so good

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    Instinctive vs acquired

    As we cross from one threshold to another one in our lives as humans and as we progress we get tainted with many external factors that the distinction between instinct and acquired become extremely blurred. So much that we seem to confuse the two as the same for many issues in this life. There are many factors that attributes to this confusion. Some are benign while others are extremely manipulative, and designed to force humans into accepting specific norms. While acquired items are numerous and there is really no way to state them, instinctive ones are not, so what are these instinctive human qualities?


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    Male Domestication

    There appears to be an elaborate conspiracy to force every free man into submission and domestication. Who's fault is it when all men are domesticated into house chicken? From the day we are born, till the day we die, attempt after attempt is made to kill the free spirit and trim all the sharp edges.


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