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Damn HDTV!

    Alright... I've been craving the sharpness and elegance and beauty of big screen HDTV's for few years now. But their prices were just insane. I wanted to get something with 1080P (that is 1080 horizontal lines progressive) compared to Interlaced which really means half the number of lines. Of course the more the better.

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    The polygamist and me

    I met with an interesting Saudi Shiekh. One of the interesting, liberal (??) and forward thinking ones who's visiting the US, visiting? Well, kind-of, he's been "visiting" for the past 25 years. The most interesting aspect about him is.... Yes, he has two wives. An American, and a Saudi.


    Before anyone thinks that I'm am in support or against it. I will reserve my personal opinion, for now.

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    Towards a better Jordan

    How many of you have lost something for Wasta? A well deserved scholarship? A job? A promotion? An educational seat in Jordan government universities? etc...

    I give you my simplistic solution here... Challenge it! 

    (Wasta: Arabic word that means abuse of authority by influencing the officials based on their tribal or social relations and affinities. Aka, mixing business with family!)

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    It's the weekend already in Amman

    Arab bloggers in the US should already feel the trend. It's completely silent from the homeland ... and why? It's the weekend, and people don't like to blog during their own personal time

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    And, I did it again :)

    For the past couple of years, I've been waiting for the technology to mature enough to make my dream come true. To be able to listen to radio (MazajFM) from back home in my car, while driving.

    Today, I can say.... It came true... here's the schematic of how it works

    Can someone shout, XM Killer? just imagine, thousands of radio stations from around the world with no satellites to launch!?

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    Another proof that they all suck!

    After a very horrible month for Mac with all the security flaws reported. Another, serious hacker attack vector targets Mac running Quicktime and (ironically) quicktime users who have Firefox on windows. And again Ironically, Internet Explorer is not affected by this vulnerability!

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    Virtue by chance, not choice

    Sometimes the difference between doing the right thing and the worst mistake in your life might be chance. Sometimes it's choice. But isn't choice dependent on chance? Wouldn't eliminating chance eliminate the possibility of committing that dreadful mistake that you might regret for years?



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    Next (2007)

    Wouldn't it be awesome to look into the future, rewind it, repeat what ever mistake that you've done until you get it PERFECT? Every time?... This is what the movie is about ... One of sci-fi's classical stories and bot is it entertaining!


    8.0/10 on the Qwaider Scale, this movie is awesome and extremely entertaining

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    Remember that bank in Lebanon?

    Do you remember that bank mentioned here:

    Guess what..... It made it on Jay Leno's show! Check it out:

    (and with a couple of good jokes)


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    اللي على راسه بطحة.. فعلا بيحسس عليها

    اثنين حشّاشين ...بيحششوا في سيارة واقفة على الاشارة... ضوت الاشارة اخضر... ما تحرّكوا... ضوت الاشارة احمر.. ما تحرّكوا .. ضوت خضرة مرة تانية... و الشباب نازلة تحشش و لا معهم خبر!
    مر شرطي سير، دق على شباك السائق... يستفسر.. ليش ما تمشي..
    رد الحشاش... "شو حشيش و ما حشيش؟؟"

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