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As close as it gets

    Well, over the past few days as many have noticed I've been busy with my friend and his family visiting from Saudi, and Lebanon. It was such a fantastic time well spent in what I can consider the closest I got to a family in this part of the world

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    I have a dream, too!

    I have a dream, where every Jordanian is welcome to this society with the amazing things they give to the society not the plural in their last name


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    Tailored to order Democracy

    Everyone seems to have their "interesting" view on how democracy should function in Jordan. Inspired by an article by Nas, an issue that I was thinking about regarding the Islamic Action Front (IAF). Where they have publicly denounced actions that seem to pour in the best interests of people who "normalize" with Israel. The advocates are saying even the prophet Mohammad traded with the Jews. But, it's not as simple as that. You see, Israel is an aggression state, people normalizing with Israel are ultimately NOT serving the strategic national issues. The way they look at it is simple. Take the money now and let the future resolve it's own issues. Also heard from people who don't believe that global warming is an issue and that fossil fuel will last forever.

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    Who really affected the other?

    You know something? I don't really believe in all this horoscope mambo-jumbo, but quite frankly, the more I dig into it, the more I see things that really make sense and kind of a pattern. And I started to wonder, did we influence these character traits that the horoscopes and zodiac signs or did we at some point read them and strives to fit the description That has been laid for us?


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    For god's sake, who ever thought that Tattooed Eyebrows are cool, pretty or classy? If anything they're the ugliest thing I've ever seen on women.


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    What love is (2007)

    OH  MY GOD! This is THE BEST male-female social movie I've EVER seen IN MY LIFE! This is just a jaw dropping performance and it's so fast paced and riveting although it didn't have a single ounce of action in it. But it sure is FASCINATING! This movie was hitting the nail on the head for me.

    what love is

    10/10 on the Qwaider Scale. Warning, this movie is rated IQ in other words For SMART men and women ONLY. [This is the ultimate chick-flick, yet guys will absolutely love it]

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    To all mothers?(yes, a question)

    Of course, unless you've been living under a blogospheric rock today is Mother's day (outside of the US). And I see people congratulating each other, and rejoicing all over the place. Which is all fine and dandy had thier mothers EVER seen thier blogs. But this is not the point of this post.

    I've seen some that say Happy mother's day "To all mothers". What's wrong with that picture?!

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    Opposite sex Friends?

    Every once in a while, I will come across a situation which affirms to me that members of opposite sex can not be friends, no matter what everyone thinks. It just doesn't work like that. True, women can have absolutely no interest in some (or most) men, but there is this genetic perversion in every man, the need to spread their seed!

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    الحمامة و الفاجومي

    احد اقوى الشعراء المصريين في العصر الحديث، احمد فؤاد نجم... استمتعو بكلماته في مدح حمامة الريّس

    +via Democratic Egypt

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    بلاغة العرض في فن مسح الأرض

    مرات كتير .. بنسمع من البعض ما يبدو للوهلة الأولى انه مديح لكن في حقيقة الأمر يكون ذم .. بل و قذف حتى

    احدى اكثر الاغنيات التي احببتها و انا صغير وربما كنت ارقص عليها كلما حملني ابي ووضعني على الطاولة في احد الاعراس .. او ما الى ذلك .. المهم اذكر هذه الاغنية بوضوح... ليندا ليندا... كنّا نغنيها لكل وحدة اسمها ليندا.. 

    كنت اظن... نيّالها .. عندها اغنية على اسمها.... لكن عندما كبرت ....

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