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Life on Autopilot

     Autopilot sucks because before you know it, your life has passed by and you missed out on it.
    I like to have both. Action AND stability, balancing the two is like balancing exitement and relaxation. We need both, and we need them to stay the sae, Excitement and relaxation not stress and boredom.

    TO: 7aki Fadi RE: I'm on Auto Pilot

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    Qwaider Planet Status Report: March

    This has been an amazing month by all means. Records have been broken. Articles have been pouring. And the number of visitors, page views, multiplied. I hope everyone on the planet is seeing some results. Since, at the end of the day the whole idea is to bring readers closer to blogs and blogs to readers.

    Article has been updated with latest numbers

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    What part of "busy" don't you understand?

    How many of you out there dread the act of signing-in to MSN? The second I sign, I get bombarded from 70 different angles. Questions, requests, complaints, nags, boring self(ish) trivia so much to the point that recently haven't been even showing up online.

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    Top 10 Wedding photographers in the world

    In the spirit of Amman spring, and Amman Summer weddings, and since a huge number of people in the bloggosphere are getting married this year. I decided to share with you something that will last LONG after the wedding is over, long after the fire of love is extinguished and preserve the beauty, happiness, smiles and youth for generations to come ...

     © Stephen & Jennifer Bebb / Tying The Knot Photography
    Wedding photographers Stephen and Jennifer Bebb capture Mr. and Mrs. Melville emerging from the church.

    Wedding Photography

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    How would you tell them?

    Alright, first of all, let me start by saying that I totally and completely sympathise with people who suffer from excessive sweating and have a strong body odor. But for the love of god, when I come in close proximity of one I feel like I'm going to faint. And the question smacked me even worse in the face. How do you tell them?


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    Me and Shopping

    As many know I have this love-hate relationship with shopping. I just can't stop myself from being an impulsive shopper buying so many things that I either don't need, want or even care about in a few days. It's kind of like a marriage on the rocks. I love it, and yet I hate it at the same time


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    Circumcision against AIDS!

    One of the weirdest things to explain to many. Is why do you need to get Circumcised. (we're talking Males here). Islam has kept that Ibrahamic tradition alive as has Judaism, and now finally the UN "approves it" and says to men: "You better cut it, Mister"


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    هلوسات غير محكّمة

    عجبت من عالم لم ينتفع بعلمه، على وزن "باب النجار مخلّع" ..

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    Not to be confused with Autism which affects children more, although the symptoms are similar. Goatism from the Arabic word "تياسة" is a chronic neurological disorder that affects the male adult population of the Arab world in increasing numbers and so far no known cure has been effective in combating it's spread. Males are often found gathering around round tables (Aka Summits) where they would blabber for days in what resembles the mating rituals in Baboons.


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    بالله شو؟

     اكتر شي بكرهه بأي حد .. انه يزعل و ما يحكي ليش. طيّب ازعل .. بس انطق هالجوهرة! بس الشي الواضح انه نسبة كبيرة من الناس جد ما عندهم ادنى سبب انهم يحاولوا يساعدوا اللي قدامهم يفهم بشو غلط

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