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Execute Kareem

    In a recent turn in the events in the infamous imprisonment of the Egyptian Blogger Kareem. The court has finally sentenced him to 4 years in prison. For, "Insulting Islam" and "Defaming President Mubarak". Just 4 years? Come on ... A guy in an honor killing gets more than that!


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    Half a million and still going strong

    Qwaider planet

    4 months ago, sometime around November, I decided to start a community service and called it Qwaider planet. Today, Qwaider planet doesn't even show signs of slowing down ... in fact, it's growing everyday, adding quality blogs from all over the world, that relate to the Arab culture. You don't even need to be an Arab to join.


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    Veiled babies

    This subject has been on my mind and on my conscious for years now and I'm so sad to see it continue to happen every single day. Not so much back home in Jordan, but right here, in the land of the free!

    muslim girls

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    Activism is Cool

    I look around on the bloggosphere, and I see so many people rallying and trying to rally behind ideas, thoughts, and people in a way that resembles activism for a cause, but fail to see any relation between such people and activism. All I see is a number of people's attempt at being popular BY capitalizing on current issues

    Activism, in a general sense, can be described as intentional action to bring about social or political change. This action is in support of, or opposition to, one side of a controversial argument.


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    Women are dirtier than men

    I've been reading and following up on a post by Amal regarding a research by a group of Arizona researchers. And was commissioned by the company that makes Clorox

    Updated: Thanks to Manal Y

    This post is not about demeaning women or promoting sexist ideas. Read carefully to identify the ideas. (some have been highlighted)

    Updated2: Thanks to Sami Masoud, Dima S

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    Love, revisited

    Love probably means accepting the other party unconditionally. Not only accepting but being able to accept AND allow access to certain parts of your body, mind, and soul that you would NEVER allow anyone else (including family and friends) access to

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    A fantastic product from Microsoft

    No no, I'm not talking about Vista, Nope. This is something that's rapidly becoming near and dear to my heart. The windows Live Mobile Messenger

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    Red Underwear

    In the spirit of Valentine's day, and because I'm frequently asked to "show my red" I decided to ......

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    Wake up early


    I woke up way too early this morning and I don't like that! It puzzles me really why would the body/mind decides to wake up, at 5 AM and just refuse to go back to sleep no matter what I do.

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    Since I've been craving yummy stuff. I decided to make something good this morning. So I decided to get the fantastic tenderloin cut that I got last night (Aka, fillet Mignon) and decide to make it into Shawirma ... And Oh BOY!


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