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Feminists, self hating Muslims, and neo-atheists

    Over the past few years, as I followed on a number of issues, these things kept popping up over and over. I'm not condemning anyone here, I'm just trying to rationalize such phenomena, because frankly, I just don't think it's natural.

    I know MANY people will be enraged by this article, but I will go ahead an post it anyway, I believe we really need to rationally, logically, and scientifically analyze some of these phenomena


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    Myth: No one is beyond redemption

    I was watching an interesting documentary while I was waiting for my flight this weekend. And it was discussing the phenomena called "Cutting" that some inmates at Wabash (Maximum security prison). For a few seconds I was thinking to my self, so that's where my tax dollars go? Then later one, I thought, "Why bother!!?". Here's why

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    To Eternal bracers and Save Dibbiners

    This is exactly what I wanted to say to some people .... Enjoy it ...

    Oh by the way, contains some adult language...

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    Racist by instinct...

    A recent post I made about an interesting incident that happened to me while visiting a restaurant got me to think about the whole matter. And since I have one of those intertwined minds one thing lead to another and I found myself drawing some interesting conclusions...

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    Now, there are good laws, and bad laws

    Good laws go to heaven while bad laws go ..... hmm lets see

    If you're like me a person who just quit smoking (7 days and counting) ... stories about cigarettes -somehow- interests you.....

    Via Cafe Blondie

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    Anonymity vs Credibility

    I know I've touched on this matter before, but giving it further thought. I think I cam to a realization that there is a certain liberating side to anonymity that gives people a certain needed edge. While the credibility suffers when posting or writing anonymously.

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    So called airport security!

    Over the past 3 days, I was in 4 different airports, and got checked a gazillion times. It's god that they're no longer singling people out for "extra-crispy" checking. Everyone gets the VIP treatment now, take shoes off, take coat off, belt, watch, coins, wallet, cellphone, laptop from it's case, and any fluids in plastic Ziploc bags (and must be less than 3Oz.

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    5 days...

    It's been 5 days since I had committed my favorite sin ....


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    Natural recism

    Could someone be racist by nature? By the way he thinks?

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    God bless you Khaled and JordanBlogs

    GET OFF HIS BACK! I mean it. The guy is trying his best to keep what's left of Jordan planet (and even more) alive. And all he gets is what? People bashing him, bullying him and criticizing him. It's so easy to demolish some one's work and for what!?

    + JordanBlogs
    + Palforce

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