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Hit me daddy, I've been a bad girl

    A good looking lady from the east, born, lived and educated in the US. Was justifying how she totally deserved the beating that her future husband is supposed to give her. Or, he won't be a man!

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    Why I hate the word Patriotic

    In almost any discussion people throw in this word left right and center to help support their mostly weak argument. Branding something with "Patriotic" is the sure way to shut up people who really don't want to be branded as unpatriotic. It's such a nasty word since it doesn't leave room for opposition. Who may or may not be patriotic and is projected as a monopoly over what's right and what's wrong

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    The adventure continues

    8 years ago today, I embarked on the grandest adventure in my life. I said farewell to family and friends and beloved country and familiar locals. And set foot in pursue of a dream job that I always wanted to have. Half way across the world I touched the ground for the first time at JFK, and the adventure commenced

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    Blogging guide-Tips-Tricks-glossary

    I feel that I have a duty that I need to give back to the blogosphere. Many new blogger are in the dark regarding many terms that are thrown around in posts from everyone in the blogosphere. Here's a quick and dirty wiki-style information for your convenience. Feel free to read, share, participate or suggest more terms to be added.

    I've had this idea on my head for a while now, to write a guide to help new young bloggers to succeed in the blogging world and I decided to just go ahead and start it. I'm calling it. Blogging TTT

    Without much introduction I'm going to dive directly into the terms and skip the crud


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    If you forgive

    When was the last time you turned the other cheek? When was the last time that you forgave someone for no reason? When was the last time that resolved a grudge?

    It's such an uplifting and liberating to forgive. It's one of those activities that will always pay back. As you distance your self more and more from hatred and stubbornness you start to realize how small this silly certain positions could be

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    The Namesake (2007)

    This an epic story of another kind of immigrants to the so called "American Dream", where people leave the warmth of their cultures to venture to the cold and lonely existence they get in the Land of dreams and opportunity.


    Every Immigrant from an eastern culture is likely to experience some if not all of the extremely emotional experiences that this movie depicts faithfully in a social drama that will make  you laugh and cry and hooked up to until the closing seen

    9.0/10 on the Qwaider Scale, this is not a Bollywood production
    Namesake:a person with the same name as another

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    Gold .... show me the gold!

    A fun read on ROba's (don't you dare forget the O), anyway, she talks about this stupid new little thing similar to the many crazy little gadget people spray all over myspace. This one is What does your birth-date mean? in her article Scarlet Red (which I totally think is her color)

    I'm not an Astrology freak, I don't believe in that stuff. But I do believe that the certain conditions everyone is subject from pregnancy to delivery (the amount of atmospheric radiation, cosmic rays, earth's magnetic field variations, earth gravitational field variations, background radiation fluctuations, leftovers from the big bang , laila help me out here). All these affect the structure of certain aspects in the body... anyway ... here's my findings ...

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    Just when I thought I've seen it all.....

    Someone redefines the meaning of the word RUDE!

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    Stuff that puzzles me....!

    I'm such a drama queen, I have no idea why I stress over many matters. This level of sensitivity is bothering me. What's bothering me more is that even though I'm really sensitive, I really go out of my way to be as understanding and tolerant as I can.... Yes, you guessed it right, this post is about me!

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    When your Alexa rating passes iToot

    When your poor little thing that you call blog has an Alexa rating surpassing that of a mighty network like iToot, It's a reason to celebrate.

    The reason why I picked iToot was that I always thought so highly of them. So I was kind of surprised (really) for the results. So I decided to get more from my fellow bloggers and good friends. The results are fantastic. I can't help but feel so proud of the efforts of these amazing bloggers in promoting the Arab culture on the Internet, and standing by worthy causes

    (sorry if I missed anyone, this is just a sample)

    +Memories Documented
    +Black iris

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