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I hate Roba!

    Roba, I hate you ... I hate you ... I hate you! Why oh why do you insist on doing THIS to me!?

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    Commenting for the dead

    A friend I know passed away recently, his friends and loved ones decided to create a website in his memorial. And commenting was allowed.

    Some weird ideas started racing in my head as I looked on that, and thought; Why would I leave a comment for a dead person?

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    مرات، بكره حالي

     مرات ..بكره حالي لما اقعد اكتب في مقال ساعات ... و بيضيع منّي بلحظة ... لأنيي نسيت (كعادتي) انّي اعمل تخزين.... يعني بعدين مع هاي العادة اللي مش قادر اخلص منها!!؟

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    Dishonor crimes!

    Another victim of the so called honor crimes is 6 feet under, this time after her father shot at close range in the head. The sad part, he will get 6 months tops in Jail for his murder

    I know people have beaten this dead horse for ages now, and it all fell on deaf ears. Is there anything that can really be done? I'm not so optimistic

    +On the Honour of 2007
    +The 1st of ‘07! When is this going to stop?

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    لكل امرأة مظلومة على وجه الارض

    من ريم بنا

    This was not copied and pasted. This song has been hovering in my mind for the past few days, and just as "Rim Banna" dedicated it to all women... I dedicate it too to all women. I wish I had the MP3 for it to share


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    What are you talking about??

    Me: Hi..
    Abboud: Hi..
    Q: Wuz up Abboud?
    A: Nothing

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    Angels or demons?

    I keep thinking about this over and over and I just can't find an easy answer. Why are some people who seem to look like Angels are absolutely the opposite? Yet they seem to have mastered the power of persuasion somehow. The only need to suggestively mention something and people already get the idea. It's quite fascinating how many things they can manipulate or get away with.

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    وحياتي عندك

    وحياة حبك ياحبيبي
    و حياة دموعي و آهاتي
    ضحيت بالنوم
    و عذابي و كلماتي
    لكن وحياتي
    لا تصغر بعيوني
    لا تشمّت العواذل
    و لا اللي لاموني

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    Voting Petra out!

    Yes, yes, I know how people are taking this but guess what. I have a bad feeling about this. I fear that Petra is going to suffer dearly from this new world wonder stupidity. And we the Jordanians are happily doing it. Even worse, we're casting the first stone


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    بحار ومحيطات

    عبرت بحارا و محيطات
    قطعت اشجار وورود
    و بحت بالسر الدفين
    لأحلام الحبق و النرجس
    وعيون الفجر
    و برودة السرير

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