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Book Tag

    Danah Tealover, tagged me with a book tag, and I found it cute, so here I am complying....

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    Stop trying to fit in!

    It's a fact, everyone is seeking people's approval, I don't care what many people say about how they're "comfortable" with who they are, it's not true! Whether we do it for our own selves, or others, we seek people's approval and try to fit-in. Many times with limited success.

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    كيف تضحك على حالك بعد سنتين

     طيب، الموضة في عمان هاي الايام ... بين الشباب .. لها علاقة بشكل كبير بتصفيف الشعر... حابب تضحك على حالك و تخفي كل صورك من هذه الحقبة الزمنية... اركض ورا الموضة ...

    طيب ... بس كيف تصفف شعرك؟... اليكم بعض التبس!

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    I was talking to a friend of mine recently and he was telling me about stories he heard of..

    Stories of inter. affairs.

    Is it international affairs?

    Is it internal affairs or Internet affairs?!

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    Bursting Privacy bubbles

    A well known concept in the west is "Privacy bubble" which is basically a virtual bubble surrounding a person when dealing with people. Some researchers put the number at around 3 feet around a person. Others say 6 but everyone understands the need for "distance" between a person and people he or she don't know

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    يوم الحشر... في مكة

     قررت انّي آخذ اطافيل العائلة لأعيد احياء مقولة "عشا خالو ما بيتعوّض" و اذهب بهم الى مكة مول حيث المرح و الترفيه و ما الى ذلك.. و يا ريتني ما رحت!

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    Best night ever!

    It was AWESOME meeting Jordanian bloggers and blog followers.. Since not all were bloggers

    Enjoy the pictures Here 

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