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    I feel so sad, that my time here in Jordan is coming to an end ... few more hours ... and I will be on a flight back to the US of A... I enjoyed my time here, so much. Especially the Jordan planet folks who were like an extended family to me

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    A nice hot cup of coco

    my warm shawl wrapped around my shoulders..

    my special winter tunes..

    And my nice hot cup of coco..

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    The last sacrifice

    So, Saddam has been executed. On the same day in the Islamic religion that is called the day of "Al na7r" (Slaughtering). Where pligrams slaughter an animal (usually sheep, goat..etc) as a sacrifice to god, follwing the ritual done around 10,000 years ago by Abraham when he was to slaughter Ishmail (Isac in the biblical story) as an offering for his god. The story continues that a sheep was substituted for his son and everyone lived happily ever after

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    Memories Documented ... Thanks

    No words can express how much I'm grateful to Memories Documented for giving me the precious chance to be member at this lovely home.

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    The 500th

    This article is the 500th article on Memories Documented. So I thought I would take some time to share some interesting statistics ... and some wishes for a Happy new year, and Happy Eid al Adha for everyone.


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    Typical Arab girls...

    Since I've been deemed the woman hater of the Jordanian bloggosphere, I thought it's only fair I live up to my reputation. Although many of the ladies who already know me would attest to the opposite.

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    We Love you Jordan Planet

    A recent disturbing post by the admin of Jordan Planet, made me wake up this morning with a tear in my eye.

    Jordan Planet: Put to Sleep

    Jordan Planet had been around for more than 2 years now, and during those 2 years, the blogging had grown beyond what anyone would have expected, specially for Jordan. And I am glad that Jordan Planet had a role in that, even if it was small.
    Recently, with the great increase in blog numbers in Jordan Planet, the experience of reading blogs in JP became more and more unpleasant, add to that, the lowered quality threshold in accepting blogs to JP, made Jordan Planet filled everyday with posts that are not really worthy-of-reading. This caused complains and dissatisfaction from JP.
    For those reasons, and other reasons, Jordan Planet will be put to sleep for some time. It could be something from 3 to 6 months, and when it come back, those issues (as well as a much better design and presentation) will be solved. I will keep a page linking to all your blogs in JP for some time, to make sure that your readers can still reach your blogs.
    I wish you all happy days blogging, and I hope that with JP comes back, you will find it to be as pleasant to read as it should be..

    Thank you all.

    The planet that I loved, and enjoyed meeting with it's members is being put on ice for the next 3 to 6 months. I'm so sad to hear that. Soo sad

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    Rage, he dumped me first!

    I was talking to a good friend of mine who's been in a shaky relationship for the past 6 months. She was furious and absolutely enraged, that her (now ex) boyfriend dumped her. When she said less than 2 days ago that she decided to dump him... But why is she really upset?

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    في الاحضان

    تطل علينا ليالي الشتاء الباردة و تحرك في عروقنا المشاعر الدفينة، و في اليلة الحالكة الباردة يحلو لي تربع محبوبتي الجديدة، الجميلة في احضاني. في احضان الدفء و الحنان

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    نسكافيه صعيدي
    النسكافيه اللي بشربها أو بفضلها تكون هيك  يعني مو مشروع مي و حليب و يا دوب طعم النسكافيه مبينة! لازم تكون تقيلة يعني متلا باكيت التلات في واحد بعمله بفنجان القهوة التركية! غير هيك ما اسمها نسكافية.

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