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TEData DSL.... meh!

    Ok, so I got it up and running .... and quite frankly, I'm not impressed!

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    Female Gentile mutilation

    A subject that has crossed the minds of many undoubtedly, due to it's cruelty and amount it's being spread.


    A recent article by fellow blogger, "Ha Ana Za, Amira" has shed some light on some staggering numbers to say the least. Where almost 97% of all female newborns are being subjected to such inhumane cruel mutilation in the name of religion, traditions and virtue.


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    بسكوتة إم الشلن

    إنتا كوسالاتا نضّف حمام و شبّاك بعدين إغسل سجادة بعدين روح دكّان بعدين إعتل أغراض من سيارة مع بابا..

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    Rude drivers!

    I was standing at a traffic light, the first in my lane, then ... some Chick in a BMW came from the right and crossed my lane and stopped in front of me.... to be fallowed by another even ruder driver to do the same thing to her..... Good thing, my camera was near and I snapped this shot


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    My way!!!

    Regrets..I've had a few..
    but then again..
    too few to mention..
    I did what i had to do
    and saw it through with out..exemption!
    I did it my way....Frank Sinatra

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    Meeting Mighty bloggers

    What's wonderful about Jordan, is the amount of cultural interactions that you can have with people around here. This society is really like a huge lattice, everyone is connected somehow, everyone is related somehow, and amazingly, given enough time, you will meet everyone sometime.

    I had this intriguing discussion with two amazing blogger couple of nights ago, we met totally by accident while I was enjoying some imitation-American coffee in books@cafe. Where Nimer Uraidi and Jad just waltzed in. It was such a wonderful evening

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    Time warp!

    Sometimes I wish I could turn back time!

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    اعداء الامس.... ؟

    من منّا لا يذكر قضية عماد حجاج مع فاست لينك من سنوات؟ عندما تعاطف المجتمع الاردني بكاملة مع الفنان الشاب مبتكر شخصية ابو محجوب الشهيرة. و القضية كانت ببساظة ان فاست لينك فامت بالتسبب بإقالة الفنان الموهوب من منصبة في جريدة الرأي لقيامة بعرض كاريكاتير معادي للشركة العملاقة و ممارساتها التسويقية لكني فوجئت بهذا الاعلان في شوارع عمان...


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    خلّصت المي؟

    مش طبيعي شو الشعب العربي بيكره المي! و بيكره الاستحمام... و اللا لأ ... بيحبّوا الحمام ... بس المي! أخ من المي في عمّان

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    كانوا و كنّا أطفالا

    كانوا و كنّا أطفالا يبكرّون إلى مدرستهم سيرا على الأقدام تحت أشعة الشمس، يتسامرون تارة و يتشاجرون تارة..و يضحكون أحيانا أخرى.


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