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    Yes, now you can whisper... For real!


    And read on .... YOUR HELP IS NEEDED .....

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    كلام مسلسلات

    انا ما عم اتابع كتير مسلسلات هالأيام ... لكن كل ما عم اتابع شي .. بلاقي شوية اشياء غريبة!!

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    Arab Ideas

    A litte sentance stopped me today, and kept echoing throug migh head....

    "a lot of our [Arab] ideas need to go down the drain"

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    Look who turned out to be a feminist

    Many people think or have this idea that I am anti women... When in reality I'm far from it

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    Raise Shields

    The Internet has grown to over 55 Billion websites. Can you imagine that? that's 10 websites for every man, woman and child on the planet earth. And guess what, just like the expanding universe theory (which was recently disproved) There is no sign of it slowing down.

    In the middle of this universe of sites, people need to make sure they're keeping their confidential information secure, and one thing I want to write about is online passwords

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    Where would we be?

    I was deeply touched by Moey's frustration with some practices in the Jordanian society when anyone encounters someone different. Someone challenged or has a specific health related matter.


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    The first breath

    Many many years ago ... in a galaxy far far away .... on a day similar to this day ... a new hope was born

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