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Dedicated to All Moms

    In these beautiful days I miss my mother -in law-,she is my sister & best friend. She traveled in mission outside Jordan...really i miss her and ask God to bring happiness and peace to her life.

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    Art School

    I got into a little kind of discussion with my good friend Arrabi regarding arts. Where he's convinced that a person can learn to become an artist while I continued to argue that, it's a talent. You can't just learn it!

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    Don't just take my word for it!

    I'm so surprised with the amount of people who just rally behind some ideas ... even when it's really ...well not all that great!

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    All Clear!

    I'm glad to announce that ... The issue has been resolved :)

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    Technical difficulties!

    Sorry folks, I haven't blogged (nor have Red Rose, or Hayati) for the past couple of days due to technical difficulties on the server

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    You call that beauty?

    I came across an interesting site, What interested me more about it is it's name "Jordan Beauty"

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    مش بس تعبان

    في كل مرحلة من مراحل حياتنا نعيد تعريف بعض المفاهيم.. حيث يتضح لنا انها فعلا نسبية..

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    ايام العيدية

    شو نفسي ارجع طفل صغير .. اركض خلف اخوالي او اعمامي علشان اتعيّد... مش اجا العيد؟

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    Someone has been naughty

    In the festive atmosphere of the Eid ..... Someone has been naughty

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    كلاكيت العيد

    - دق على جارتنا إم أمين و إحكيلها بدنا ملاقط  تنقيش الكعك..


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