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When Neighbours Leave

    Our next door neighbours left to another home yesterday.At beginning I was to loud music,unlimited parties,or having childish fight with family members without bieng worried 'Did our neighbours hear?!'

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    Golden Butterfly: معنى الصمود

    I got this story from one of the readers, and she has a good question that she wants everyone to answer .... It's a very touching story... Check it out

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    قيد عشتار*

       " نبقى سوا وصوتك بالليل يقللي و أنا عم إسمع بحبك حتى نجوم الليل نجمة ..نجمة توقع..وخلص الحب وسكتت الكلمة وتسكر القلب و ما وقع ولا نجمة ..! "


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    Internet in The Mosque

    It sounds strange? I think it's very distinctive idea that should be applied on many mosques.


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    يا صحابي يا اهلي ... بدي ارجع على عمّان

    يا الله .... سمعت الاغنية هاي على مزاج FM و ما قدرت ما اشاركها معكم..


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    Oops! Sorry for the outage!

    Sorry folks, Memories documented, Qwaider Planet, Sweetestmemories were all down due to a power outage!

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    Our Mission statement!

    Is not to fall asleep!

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    Royal Jordanian Airline

    Throughout my life, I've been hearing horror stories about Royal Jordanian airlines (AKA Alia) but how much of that is fact and how much of that is fiction?


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    You know blogs went too far when....

    Your goddamn bank has a BLOG! YES ... you heard me right ... my bank .. has an online weblog! WTF!?!


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    The stupid little spammer took the bait

    So ... I'm going to let you in on a little secret ... How is it a secret when I'm publishing it here? Well ... because it is not being read by the people I'm keeping this a secret from

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