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Men get their children LAST

    I was having quite an organic discussion with the honorable, Oula Farawati and this topic came into the discussion. I decided to research it a little bit and came up with some astonishing findings, that made me really think that I want to challenge this norm.


    I'm not only challenging the law here, but also the Shariaa. I'm not going to blindly accept this as "Women naturally can provide for their kids". If we're so diligent in scoring more rights to women, here is one case where women have way more rights than they should. Child custody.

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    I hate it when even Muslims get it wrong

    People, for god's sake, stop interpreting everything through the Quran. Please Stop. Because it's simply not like that.


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    عمارة يعقوبيان

    تابعت و باهتمام شديد عملية احياء القصة لعلاء الاسواني على هيئة فيلم.. و بالرغم من اشادتي بالاسلوب الرائع للعرض و التصوير و الموسيقى العظيمة ، الا انني لا اخفي استيائي من المحتوى والمعاني للقصة


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    What is your Achilles' heel?

    First of all i'd like to give a short defination for "Achilles heel" expression.

    Achilles was the son of Thetis and Peleus, the bravest hero in the Trojan war, according to Greek mythology.
    When Achilles was born, his mother, Thetis, tried to make him immortal by dipping him in the river Styx. As she immersed him, she held him by one heel and forgot to dip him a second time so the heel she held could get wet too. Therefore, the place where she held him remained untouched by the magic water of the Styx and that part stayed mortal or vulnerable.




    To this day, any weak point is called an “Achilles’ heel”.

    Everyone of us dear readers has an Achilles' heel in diffrent ways.It has not to be massive charecteristic; it could be simple matter but it is a problem for you,annoying you or feel embarassed with it.

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    Arab Bloggers 2050

    Through the use of advanced internet technology, I was able to take a peak into the future of Arab blogging in the year 2050... check it out!

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    وداد ... وداد.... وداد من جديد

    الصراحة ... طفح الكيل... و بانت النوايا السيئة.. و اما بعد...

    تحدثنا و باستفاضة على الموضوع اياه و بعدين؟ بعدين معاكي يا وداد؟؟؟ هل ستطرينا الي اقامة حملة وطنية لأقالة وداد من جيران؟؟ ام تكفّي عن سكب البنزين على النار؟

    على فكرة انا كنت حابب انّى ما انشر هذا المقال ... لكن بسبب رفض وداد نشر تعليقاتي على مقالاتها ... فلم اجد مجال الا ان انشره...

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    Amazing trick!

    Guess what, I found an AMAZING trick for this morning headache without coffee... So far it's working GREAT!

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    Royal Divorce?????

    A bunch of reports circulating around the web, claiming marital issues in the Royal palace in Jordan. That could eventually lead to a Royal divorce


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    Welcome to my headache!

    I woke up with a splitting headache, actually, I went to bed with it. Clear indications of withdrawal. Caffeine and Nicotine are competing for their share of nervous hammering in my head


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    عزايم اخر ساعة

     والله العظيم ما في داعي ..

    لأ لأ... ما بصير تفطر لحالك اوّل يوم

    بس انا صارلي 3 ساعات بطبخ

    جيب الطبيخ معك..

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