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الـلّـــــــ يحميك ـــــــــــــــه

    ما اصعب بعد الاحباب ... وان غابو عنا ازمان.. نحتاج من تارة و اخرى ان نطمأن عليهم ... و ندعوا الله لهم بالتوفيق، و الصحة و العافية

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    متطلبات ما قبل الزواج عند الشباب

    بعرف ... الكل بيعرف هاي الاشياء .. بس برضو حابب احكي في الموضوع.... اذا بيجي شب يخطب اختي ... شو بتوقع منه؟


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    How to make your blog popular

    If you're an Arab or Jordanian blogger, here are a few tips to help you promote your blog. Better yet, will gain you the respect of so many international organizations, and will probably be featured in a magazine or two.

    Just let it go to your head, and make you think you're the best thing since sliced bread. Your views will become the law, your opinions the bible and everything you say revealed from the divine. No matter how shallow you might be.


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    What really happened to 'TheCaller'

    New shocking evidence suggest conspiracy!

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    Are you the supervillain?

    Throughout my life, i lived a double life, a secret life. One that is known and public. And another one, that's hidden and secret ... The work of a super hero is never done

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    Blast From the past

    I was going through older versions of websites I made ... and I came across my old poetry .... feels like a million years ago. The sad part ... people I wrote these about ... never deserved it


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    The Q..phenomenon!!

    Even the blogsphere has it's own type of phenomenon..

    I have been blogging for quite sometime now and I had the chance to make great friends and read quality blogging..but still…Memories documented  stands out..

    I can't say it's the blog it self..but Qwaider 's character out takes everything even his own writings.

    And lately he manages to pop up in almost every conversation I have with any of my friends...So I decided to analyze the situation. After all I owe him…he introduced me in a very nice way to his planet.

    I'm the critic now qwaider..take the day off.!!

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    Human Tagging!

    Is this even ethically acceptable? What are we coming to? We are the Borg! You will be assimilated, Resistance is Futile!


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    Bloggers mysteriously disappearing!

    People will wake up this morning to two bloggers gone! This is a warning to all ... don't let it happen to you

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    Maid in Jordan

    No no, that's not a typo. And this is really about maids in Jordan.


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