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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead man's chest(2006)

    What a wonderful start for the summer season. Now, it has officially started for me. After the disappointments of Superman and others. Finally a movie that understands what Entertainment is.


    9.5/10 on the Qwaider scale

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    طز بهيك كأس عالم!

    زيدان قالها بكل وضوح.... خذو كأس العالم و احشو في .......


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    الصحة احلى

    كل يوم بشوف البنات مهووسين بالنحافة. ملاحقين احلام السوبر موديلز ان البنت النحيفة احلى! بصراحة هاى قمة الخرابيط..


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    دموع العود

    رقص عودي فرحا عندما فتحت الخزانة اليوم و ناداني معاتبا: اشتقت لك


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    هل يجوز تجزئة التوبة؟

    كل بني آدم خطائين، وخير الخطائين التوّابون. من منا لم ينخطيء؟ وكم نحن دائما بحاجة للتوبة؟


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    OK, Who did it?

    Alright boys and girls, who added me to their blogrolls and who didn't?*hint* *hint*

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    اسلحة حواء للدمارالشامل

    من كثر ما انحكى عن اسلحة الدمار الشامل ققرت ان اكتب عن اسلحة الدمار الشامل الانثوية


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    Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

    Now here's a movie that everyone can kick back, and enjoy. It's funny, and family oriented although I would warn against having having kids watch it since it does contain some harsh language


    7.0/10 on the Qwaider scale a joy to watch.

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    Are you bitter?

    Everyday, I read articles and comments from men and women that make me think that we seriously don't understand each other. Or are we just plain old bitter?


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    Scanner Darkly(2006)

    As promised, I went to see this movie tonight. But first I had to hit the Persian restaurant for some comforting Barg and Ghoarmeh Sabzi.... Yummmm!


    3.0/10 on the Qwaider scale. Put me to sleep!

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