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Bloggers brag about stats

    Apparently, it's a growing trend. Every blogger wants to show how much traffic they get. But to what end?


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    Stuck in the wrong timezone


    Every once in a while I go through these weird phases. My answer to it "Stuck in the wrong timezone"


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    اكثر اهل النار

    انا متأكد ان في اللحظة اللتي قرأت فيها العنوان .. بدأت في التفكير... آه .. هاده واحد من المكفرين المتأسلمين.. اللي شايف حالة خليفة الله على الارض الموكل بدفع الضر وجلب النعم.. اكيد عم يمر بإحدى نوبات الهلوسة الدينية على طريقة الحشاشين والزار والحضرة والبخور و .... حي ... مدد مدد مدد ... الله حي ... الله حي..

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    كل شي بحسابه - الجزء السادس


    مش معقول... كانت منيحة الصبح.... انا هلأ جاي...

    اقفلت آمال الهاتف .. و خرجت من المكتب راكضة...

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    The Break-up

    A nice light romantic comedy that actually get it right for once.




    You'll know why I'm raving about it below

    9/10 On the Qwaider score


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    New Grendizer movie

    For Grendizer and Duke fleed lovers, check out this trailer ...

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    The Omen (2006)

    A remake of the original classical horror movie (The Omen 1976)

    From the eternal sea he rises
    Creating armies on either shore
    Turning man against his brother
    Till man exists no more


    7/10 on the Qwaider scale

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    Webstats4u Pop-ups

    It's official, Webstats4u have changed their "FREE" model and no longer offer it really for free

    No Webstats

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