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*جديد* بن لادن يطرح شريط جديد في الأسواق *جديد*

    كما توقعنا طرح بن لادن شريطه الجديد في الاسواق: حتى أخر فلس يا امريكا. ليصرف العرب والغرب عن هموم متابعة احداث الفيلم الاسرائيلي الجديد: مطر الحديد على غزة من جديد


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    I am sorry

    You know sometimes certain things happen totally out of your control and the result is not what you expect. Hence this post...

    no hate

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    Why more women need to study Computer Science

    I work in the Software industry. An industry that is plagued by female disinterest. For some reason or another women are just not attracted to this industry and that needs to change.


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    Yeap Muslim to the bone!

    I followed a link by Moey to an online quiz, and scored Islam with some tiny other religions in me!


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    أي استحوا على دمكم عاد

    ما بفتح على موقع خليجي هالأيام الا بلاقي كلام عن التكويت و السعودة و الامرته العنصرة اكثر واكثر

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    الزواج بالمــراسـلـــة؟؟؟

    تقدم شخص لخطبة احدي زميلاتي في الجامعة، واعدا اياها بشقة فاخرة مؤثثة بكل لوازم الحياة العصرية و سيارة BMW آخر طراز و كل ما تحتاجة.. شغالة، حساب بنكي باسمها و تحت تصرفها و مهر مغري جدا .... و لكن هناك مشكلة واحدة....


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    Blue Pill can go totally undetected

    No I'm not talking about Viagra, I'm talking about a serious threat to computer security. And this time it's not Microsoft's fault. Linux, and MAC may also suffer from the same problems


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    Superman Returns(2006)

    Man of steel meets actor of plastic. A super hero lovers' delight. The legend continues


    7.0/10 on the Qwaider scale

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    How to tell someone to BUG OFF!

    Lets face it. If you blog, there will come a time for multiple reason where you would be forced to ask someone to bug off. But how do you do this without offending others? And how do you regain leverage over such person turning a negative situation into a positive experience

    No litter

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    Upcoming summer blockbusters

    The Summer at the movies is finally upon us, and a huge set of block busters is on it's way to a theatre near you. Are you ready?


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