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كل شي بحسابه... الجزء الرابع

    المدير وصل.... المدير وصل... ركض الساعي في الممرات

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    Truth in advertising

    In a disturbing commercial for a Johnson and Johnson for a Mosquito repellent and they state that their product would repel mosquitoes that can transmit west Nile disease...

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    X-MEN III: The Last Stand

    I'm so excited! I watched this movie and I am so glad I did. It's been a while since I've watched something this good!

    Wolverine and Storm

    It's really spectacular, I'm a sucker for huge eye-popping productions with larger than life characters and this one delivers on all of those

    A decent 8.5 /10 On the Qwaider scale

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    Dream come true

    Ever since I came to the US, I've missed listening to Jordanian radio, I've been glued to it for years ... but 8000 miles away Frown

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    كل شي بحسابه... الجزء الثالث

    الو ... آه حبيبي ... وصِلِت.. الله يسلمك... اسمع حبيبي بحكيك بعدين انا عند الجمرك...

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    Are you on WiFi yet?

    Forget cables, forget phone lines and welcome to the new age of WiFi. The WiFi cloud has mushroomed so high, and opens a whole set of new attacks to your PC, are you ready?

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    You're so Localized, Dude!

    I'm not talking about Language localization, Not a single day passes by without me hearing one stupid thing or another and dissecting the claims, I discovered.... Localization is a world wide epidemic!

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    Google Picasa, Get it free

    Google Picasa

    Yes yes ... you heard it right,

    Google is offering Picasa for free, I've been test driving it for couple of days and I already love it

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    كل شي بحسابه - الجزء الثاني

    في مطار الملكة علياء الدولي.. سيدة في قمة الاناقة .. نظارات شمس فندي.. شنطة پرادا اخر موديل .. شال ڤرزاتشي ... حلي بلاتين مألمظة ... كل الابصار مخطوفة ... تنظر الى ..... آمــــــال!!؟

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    تاكل تونه؟


    طبعاً ما ضل حد ما سمع بالتونه اللي عليها رساله من الله جل و علا


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