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Check out the latest pictures on Sweetestmemories

Girls are Evil, Revisited

    ladyI would like to examin this issue deeper than originally done by original author and came up with the following....

    I find the original to be .... Inconclusive:

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    Application For Jordanian Fathers' Permission To Court Daughter

    -Note: This application will be incomplete and rejected unless accompanied by a complete job history, lineage up to atleast the 7th grand ancestor, financial reports for the past 5 years and current medical report from your physician (subject to review by loyal family doctor)

    (Of course I can't claim to be the author)

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    at your altar

    I sit to worship
    at your heavenly altar
    I pray for your soul

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    Queen Rania of Jordan on Oprah

    Queen Rania

    I was pleasantly surprised tonight to see queen Rania Al Abdallah on a Oprah. Yes .. yes, I secretly admit that I watch Oprah from time to time....

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    When Angels cry

    My heart wept so much tonight
    To a falling angles cry
    As the night crept heavily by
    My tears bleed harder as I sigh
    How could anyone murder the innocence
    How could life be so filled with prejudice

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    الأبداع في .... المــــــنـــــســـــــف

    طبعا ما في شك انه المنسف اهم اكله اردنية ولذا و بدون اي تأخير نقدم لكم

    ......... المنسف........

    Mansaf, up close and personal

    يرجي عدم دخول اصحاب القلوب الضعيفة ومن يعاني من الجوع.. هذه الصور قد تحتوي على مواد لا تناسب النباتيين

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    So dark the con of man!

    Virgin of the rocks

    So I hear rumors of censorship of the new and highly anticipated "The DaVinci Code" movie. And all I can do is wonder

    Some say, it's even going to be banned in certain Arab countries... Davinci logo

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    Inspired by some interesting work by Roba Assi
    Inspired by Ruba

    and Sabri Hakim. Inspired by sabri




    Few days ago I decided to go back to photography, and so far, so good :)


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    Just my luck

    The strong and upcoming Lendsy Lohan continues to struggle with her career, or does she?
    6.5/10 on the Sam scale

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